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 Ghost Rider
This President's Day weekend I decided to give myself a little break from writing, and go out to see the movie Ghost Rider; based on the 1972 Marvel Comics superhero of the same name. What drew me to the movie was pretty much what draws everyone to movies based on comic book characters, it looked really, really cool! I mean with flaming motorcycles, blazing skulls, black leather, and chains how can you go wrong?!
Even though I am not a fan of comic books (I'm told Archie and Friends don't count) I went to see it. For those of you like me who have no prior knowledge of the storyline, here are the bare bones of the premise.

The Devil Made Me Do It
Young Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle stunt performer in a traveling carnival, sells his soul to the devil (Mephistopheles) in order to save the life of his father. Satan betrays him however. His dad winds up dying anyway (surprise, surprise,name a deal with the Devil that ever worked out) and vows to return one day.
Years later, Johnny Blaze has become an Evil Knievel-type top stunt rider, Mephistopheles, comes back and forces Johnny to fulfill his end of the bargain. Johnny is suddenly and painfully transformed into a skull-faced, Ghost Rider and is given the task of hunting down and destroying Mephistopheles' rebel son, Blackheart.

All Fired Up
First off for whatever reason or another this film was given way too many harsh reviews. For cryin' out loud, it's movie about a comic book character, and a character that has a flaming skull and rides a motorcycle at that! I wasn't expecting Shakespeare caliber dialogue or Oscar-worthy performances and guess what it didn't give it to me. It's just a campy, goofy, and entertaining fun movie to watch, in other words exactly what you would expect from a movie titled Ghost Rider, so whatever you do, do not take this film too seriously as it was not meant to be.

Nicholas Cage wouldn't my first choice to play a cool superhero, but after seeing this movie I have to say Va-va –va –voom Mr. Cage! I never knew the odd looking 43 year old; toupee wearing actor was hiding such a buff body underneath all those clothes! (Clears throat-sorry)
I found his acting to be perfect for this type of movie, he delivers great moments of his trademark weird sense of humor, which lightens things up, as deep and intense as being an anti-hero Ghost Rider is, he is definitely not one to take too seriously and for 90 minutes I was reminded why he is such an acting power house, and all I kept thinking was "Wow, this is vintage Nicholas Cage".
A lifelong fan of the comic-book character-Cage had to have his real Ghost Rider tattoo covered with makeup for some scenes-he seemed to be having a genuinely good time with the role.

His love interest Eva Mendes on the other hand left something to be desired! Even though I know plenty of guys who are saying Va-va-va-voom Ms. Mendes, who knew the odd looking 33 year old actress was hiding such a buff body underneath all those clothes! She was a rather weak link in this flick mostly because she is for the most part a rather weak actress; her scenes never went deeper than providing the necessary T and A with lots of plunging necklines and booty shots for the men folk.

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Raising hell (literally) as he burns up the road (also literally)
Every scene with the Ghost Rider character in it is crazy fun, thanks not only to how cool he looks (kudos to the FX team, the CG fire looked great) but to his downright lunatic personality. Ghost Rider cackles like a madman on acid, this is not your ordinary run of the mill crime fighting superhero here folks, this guy is nuts! The parts in which he blazes down the street in his flaming chopper, and defying gravity by scorching up skyscrapers are absolute eye candy.
So many of the comic book movies are dark and have suffered by taken themselves way too seriously , "Ghost Rider, on the other hand is a refreshing lighthearted movie going experience.
I usually don't review movies but this one was good and really doesn't deserve all of the negativity surrounding it. Therefore I felt I had to write one to motivate all to go see it.
So overall, it isn't a great movie but it is a fun movie and it ranks up well with other superhero movies. -shallow with plenty of fun cheesy moments. A fun ride!

Rated PG-13

Posted by oxyjen on Feb 20, 2007


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