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 Teddy Tavern
Unhappy with his day job as a short-order cook at a fast food restaurant, Teddy decides to pursue his dream of becoming a master chef. He would love to enter the prestigious Culinary Master Competition, but first Teddy must gain some experience within a bunch of different restaurants and cook a variety of foods for some very hungry bears. Sorry Goldilocks no porridge being served here!

The premise of the game is simple enough; you are a short order cook with big dreams working in various restaurants around the world .And while being a short order cook (or a bear for that matter) may not sound particularly exciting at first, the developers of “Teddy Tavern” have presented a pretty good reason to get excited.
“Teddy Tavern” is game that doesn't pretend to be completely original - because it's not, but it does take the "Diner Dash"-style food-serving gameplay and adds a few nice twists to keep it fresh.

Unlike "Diner Dash," where customers must be served but never ask for specific meals, “Teddy Tavern” challenges you to prepare the proper dish as requested by the bears, such as lasagna, hamburgers or sushi, you will need to combine ingredients in order to successfully whip up the requested entrée as well as serving them in a timely friendly manner.

Teddy runs right or left at the bottom of the screen and you must click to combine the food items together, such as bread and lettuce to make a chef salad with breadcrumbs before flinging it up to the customers. Left clicking on the mouse will shoot food up to the customers, who will then catch it (hopefully) and start eating. You will see the recipe listed at the bottom of the screen, which will have a drawing of lettuce leaves and long bread sticks. It’s really quite fun mixing together all of the many food ingredients within the prep!

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Six different types of bears will show up at your restaurants, each with a different appetite, patience level and tipping habit. For example, Panda bears are patient customers and slow eaters, while Sun bears are very impatient, but are big tippers. Grizzly bears have huge appetites are fast eaters, and give out double the money, very important customer to have indeed. Adding to the challenge are the Sloth bears that will come in and ask for a mystery dish, this means you can let your creative juices run wild by combining any 2 items on the screen that aren’t on the menu to create something new and exciting. In total, there are more than 25 recipes throughout the course of the game, including Japanese and Italian delicacies.

Not only are you the maitre de, waiter and chef you also become the busboy too, all of the dirty plates must be cleaned and cleared away. So while he may have his hands full of tomato sauce, Teddy must also toss up sponges to clean up before another bear comes in for a snack.

Much like "Diner Dash," money and tips are collected from customers, and it's your job to reach a certain goal by the end of the day. As always, it is to your best advantage to do tasks in combinations for maximum bonus items and upgrades. One of the best upgrades are the red robins that fly by every so often. When they fly by, shoot them with an entrée or a sponge and the bird will drop a special charm; or a bear that plays the guitar for your guests, so they'll be more patient while they wait for you to prepare the food.

So gain as much combo points as you possibly can, it really helps you beat certain high volume customer shifts. For example it is quite possible to successfully pass a stage with only 2 measly dishes on your menu to offer your discriminating clientele, all by using the handy dandy items that you were rewarded. Call it the game’s way of saying “our compliments to the chef” if you will.

One beef I have with the game- excuse the pun (c’mon you have to admit , there were bearly any up until now) - is that it can be tricky to line-up your bear/grill vertically with the customers; you must properly line up Teddy's grill with the customer before shooting it up to them at the top of the screen. Problem is, it's easy to miss them if you accidentally line up Teddy's body instead of the grill (believe me, this will happen). Also, if you're a mere half an inch off to the right or left, you'll also miss, you lose money for any wasted food that is not caught which can be frustrating after devoting so much time and care into the preparation.

Those looking for realism won’t find it here, umm, did I happen to mention that this is a game about a little bear that cooks for other bears!? And besides, everybody knows bears absolutely despise lasagna and would never, ever order it! (gosh, rolls eyes)

The overall look of "‘Teddy Tavern” is nice and clean, with cute hand drawn graphics.
The sound is simple. The ambience music is light and subtle, and although it doesn’t really add to the game play, it doesn’t distract from it either.
While it may not win any points for ingenuity, it does build nicely on the "Diner Dash" successful recipe, especially the cool ability it gives you to create the dish before serving it.

So if you enjoy eating food, enjoy cooking food, or enjoy eating food cooked by somebody else (work with me) then “Teddy Tavern” is the game for you.
Bon Appetit!

Graphics B
Sound B
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B-

Posted by oxyjen on Feb 16, 2007


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