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 Gaming Resolutions
Welcome to a brand new year!
Don't view it as another year closer to death but instead as an opportunity to improve on ourselves- a blank slate so to speak.

This year I decided that I would scrap the traditional "I am going to eat healthier and exercise more" resolution and go with something a little more unorthodox. Besides it's kinda hard to keep that resolution once you've already downed 2 cups of coffee and a donut!

Instead I came up with a new set goals for myself -
mind you these aren't just any goals , these are gaming goals ! I'd like to share some with you. I hope they uplift and inspire you to come up with your own gaming goals

1.)Dust off and play some of my old games before I go out and buy another one. There are a few that I need to beat like "Nintendo DS- Feel the Magic" and "Xbox- House of the Dead II."

2.)Write more reviews. This will help me, help you weed out all the doozies out there so you can make better choices. One game at a time!

3.)Broaden my gaming horizons, in other words, to at least try once again different genres of games. I will attempt to play more RPG'S (think Final Fantasy) and more platformers(think Mario) I've never been a fan of these types of games but I know a lot of people are. So I promise to try but I don't promise to like!

4.)Find and experiment with as many exotic coffee flavors as I can possibly get my hands on! Yeah, I know that's not a "gaming" resolution per se, but I got a kick ass Keurig coffee maker this Christmas and I get a such a kick out of using it. So there!
Ok so I hope I got you all revved up to think of some of your own gaming goals.

Posted by oxyjen on Jan 8, 2007


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On January 12, 2007, said:
where am I?


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