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 Hotel Dash: Suite Success
The folks at "Playfirst" are at it again!

That's right, check in to a new take on the Dash series called "Hotel Dash: Suite Success" I know what you're thinking "Another Diner Dash game? Are we ready for another one?"

Oh shush!

"Hotels are funny, and romantic and all about customer service," said Kenny Shea Dinkin, Chief Creative Officer at PlayFirst. "With Hotel Dash: Suite Success, we've introduced a new vertical, timing element to the Diner Dash series, set against an exciting and spoofy hotel-culture backdrop."

At this point, I believe that no matter what they have Flo doing, we're gonna be there! I guess having a series with characters we all know so well is a good thing. It's inviting and safe. Every time a new a game is released you know that you are going to play it, just because... I mean how can you miss it?

Flo and Quinn, the dastardly duo of female empowerment are back! This time Quinn has decided to expand her wedding business to booking honeymoon and vacation packages for the newlyweds.

The only thing is she hasn't done is much research on the places where she's booked these vacations and it turns out that they are all dumps! So Flo to the rescue.

She agrees to help her redheaded friend and save the day by turning the run down hotels into 4 star romantic retreats.

Those of you familiar with the Dash series will recognize some of the hotel guests, such as the bookworms, cell phone guys, business women, etc. But there are also a few new faces visiting Dinertown I won't spoil the surprise for you guys but I will say for the record I don't know about you but "I ain't afraid of no ghosts!"

SideNote:The animators at "Playfirst' didn't even bother changing Flo's look in any way. Apparently, Flo's too busy to even take off her apron.Hilarious.

Running a hotel can be boiled down to a simple chain of events (in the world of video games anyway.)

First, patrons will enter and wait for you at the desk.There's no day and night cycle, guests arrive and leave at their whim. The color-matching principle still works here which allows you to get the most points. Drag and drop them onto a room to get them settled in, then bring up their luggage.

Guests usually want something to eat shortly after that, sending you off to the kitchen to fetch some food. Some customers will have other needs, such as fresh towels for trips to the pool or wake-up calls, mopping up spills in the hallway, feeding their annoying, yappy dogs, and waking them up when they sleepwalk.
What? They didn't do that in any of the hotels you ever stayed at?

Anyway, then you're good to go.

You think that's a lil weird- listen to this- guests immediately need their luggage taken to their room. When guests check out, they leave a garbage bag of dirty laundry at the door to be washed. ( Presumably to be sent to their home.) I'm not sure how this works. The check-out process is a bit odd in Dinertown.
Guests pay for their stay at their room door instead of going back down to pay Quinn at the front desk. In fact, now that I think about it, Quinn doesn't do much of anything in this game really.

Like all Dash games, once you've figured out the basic patterns of what customers/guests want and when,as well as gauging their temperament levels it's easy to rack up big chain bonuses for fast service.
I'm assuming we all know what chain bonuses are right? For those of you who don't, here it is in a nutshell- perform as many of the same actions consecutively as possible. Example of a chain: deliver 6 trays of food consecutively without performing another action to receive an extra $120.

I'm afraid I wasn't too impressed with the graphics... it's been years but we're still serving the same smirking teen girl customers as in previous games. It didn't bother me too much, but the herky jerky way Flo and guests climb in and out of the hotel elevators did annoy me. There's nothing smooth about it, it's something Playfirst shouldn't have cut corners on.

Me being a die-hard Diner Dash, I hate to admit it but I didn't like this game all that much, it got pretty predictable and monotonous rather quickly. Even though there are 50 levels to play the repetition of events didn't change much with each new hotel.

I found that, sometimes, the controls were frustrating, I'd click on a number of things and Flo would get confused and simply stop and shake her head.

For some reason, "Hotel Dash" is lacking that lil special something that I just can't put my finger on it and I had such high hopes for it. It's no honeymoon.

Get Hotel Dash Here

Posted by oxyjen on Dec 31, 2009
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