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 LG EnV vs. EnV 2

The enV cell phone was one of LG's best selling, and it continues to be held up as a great phone, the cool features made it one of the best all around messaging phones that one could get. That being said however, they stopped making it! The successor to the enV has come up for sale, and that product is known as the enV 2.So is the new "chic" enV 2 any better than the fat but fun text messaging machine, enV? Well, let's see!

I've had the good fortune of owning both the old version of the env, and now the enV 2. I got one! I got one! (clears throat) excuse me for bragging.

But.... I got one! I got one! (sticks out tongue)


The first thing I said when I saw the enV 2 was "I want one!" The maroon color so very "girliegamer", the photos on Verizon's web site do not do it justice (the color is closer to a dark magenta in the photos than its actual hot maroon color).
At first glance, the enV 2 looks almost nothing like its predecessor-it's almost as if the enV had gone under extreme makeover.

When the phone is flipped open, the full QWERTY keyboard is much roomier, and has bigger keys than the older enV. The directional pad is a little more user friendly, and the inside screen is bigger and brighter than ever before; the colors just seem to pop! Fonts are also larger and sharper (a big deal on a texting phone.) I text more than I call people so this is a great feature.

The front display is tiny however . They really should have made it a bit larger, since one of the best features of the previous enV was the ability to see yourself on the external display when taking pictures.The phone now has a flat front surface and keypad design that makes it look a little like a fancy calculator. Holding the phone in the hand feels comfortable, thanks to the nice, soft rubberlike touch surface on the back of the phone.

Battery Quality

Overall, battery life is excellent, and even using some of the phones many features will not drain the battery that quickly.


The camera is still really really good - what took great pictures with the old enV still takes great pictures now. So good in fact that I have gotten more requests for copies of my phone pics than I ever did using my expensive digital camera.

The bottom line:

The LG enV 2 is little more than a slimmed down version of the enV.And that's ok! But still, it would have been nice if there were a couple of new options available to justify buying a new phone.

The bottom of the "bottom line"

If you text like a fiend like I do then this a good one to whittle your thumbs away on.

Get LG EnV 2 Here

Posted by oxyjen on Feb 15, 2009
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