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 Sirius Stiletto 2

The dictionary defines a stiletto as a small dagger with a slender, tapering blade(I always think of a high heel myself but whatever.)

The Stiletto I'm gonna tell you about is less of a slender, tapering blade and more of a bulky brick. The Sirius Stiletto is a small portable satellite radio featuring WiFi and including a “LOVE” button which allows you to store up to 100 hours of live Sirius programs that you "heart"; and oh yeah you can also pause and rewind TiVo-style!

What I love about satellite radio is the access to popular music without all the commercials, What I like about the Stiletto over the iPod is the variety of content, it gives me the ability to listen to whatever suits my mood at the moment ( Hip hop, Rock, Howard Stern.) Don't get me wrong however, I love, love, love my iPod but I don't want to be stuck listening only to music I own all the time, ya know? And more importantly it is hot looking ! The black matte finish of the Stiletto 2 looks and feels sleek.

The main controls are great looking too.It has a rubber, circular wheel that was very easy to spin around, and pushing on each direction on the wheel acts as a button (think iPod).

Portable - Yes, in that you can pick it up and carry it with you.
Portable Satellite - nope, not even close

Listening to satellite radio outdoors using the Stiletto requires a couple things. First you have to be outside(duh!) with a pretty clear shot at the sky.Feel like standing in the middle of a field with no trees above you and your head pointing up towards the nearest satellite. Nope, not me.

Take Me To Your Leader

Also, you pretty much have to be wearing the antenna headphones when outdoors. These ungodly bulky, dorky looking headphones wrap over the head and jam into your ears in a most uncomfortable way! See the picture above to get an idea what these headphones are like. I have nicknamed it-the "antenna headphones of death".

I hate beating a dead horse here but these are the worst designed headphones I’ve ever seen or listened to; totally uncomfortable and unlistenable. Who are they kidding? Not only does it look like something from a bad sci-fi movie, it has these really hard plastic ends that poke into your ears. I felt like if I kept them on long enough they would have messed with my brain. Ya' know it’s an interesting idea putting the antenna in the headphones but the design is just horrible.

Since getting this as a Christmas present (thanks MC) I've listened to the Stiletto at home through the Internet radio, and have been real pleased with the reception. I took the Stiletto out for a spin one day day to test it out.So how did go? Well, overall, it was a pain to get a signal for more than 3 secs. Long story short I would have much rather have had my iPod with me.

That being said, I can truly say that I really enjoy using my sleek and stylin' new Stiletto. It plays very well while inside my apt in PA.. It's loaded with tons of other cool features I haven't even used yet- but can't wait to try! I "Sirius-ly" recommend it . Ah, come on you knew that pun was bound to pop up eventually!! ( Sticks out tongue)

Get the Sirius Stiletto 2 Here

Posted by oxyjen on Jan 12, 2009
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