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 Tropic Thunder

I went to see "Tropic Thunder", starring Ben Stiller (who also wrote and directed it), Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black the other day. All I have to say is Hot diggity dog, ? I've almost forgotten what they look like!

I used to LOVE Ben Stiller-the "There's Something About Mary" ,"Meet The Parents"-Ben Stiller . But over the last few years it seems he’s put out crappy film after crappy film and I’ve almost totally lost interest.

I sort of feel the same way about Jack Black… used to love him, but he’s disappointed me lately. For example "Be Kind, Rewind"and "Nacho Libre". But I loved "Kung Fu Panda" so I'll cut him some slack.

So when the trailers came out for "Tropic Thunder", the only thing that really caught my attention was Robert Downey Jr. playing a black guy! It looked like it could be too funny for words.

Yes, you read that right, Robert Downey in blackface for almost the entire movie. And no, I didn't feel guilty about laughing at him. SideNote: I didn't feel bad about laughing at all the retard references either! There I said it! Go ahead and protest my website... I need all the publicity I can get!

It's a ridiculous premise: a big time movie star undergoes a controversial (you don't say!) skin pigmentation-altering surgery to play a black sergeant of an American platoon featured in a Vietnam War-era film-within-a-film. Sounds confusing?

Okay, let me try to explain it better. The plot, which surrounds a motley crew of big-money actors shooting a movie about the Vietnam War on location. Frustrated with the progress of the movie, their director along with the writer of the book that inspired the movie (played by Nick Nolte) decide to shoot the movie "guerilla-style"-out in the real jungles of Vietnam, with hidden cameras hanging from the trees for that extra special element of surprise.

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It should come as no surprise that things don't go as planned, and eventually, the movie that the actors thought they were making about war against the Viet Cong turns into a very real battle against a group of Vietnamese drug makers.

No Spoiler Alert: It won't just be Robert Downey Jr. in blackface that audiences will be talking about. It'll also be Tom Cruise. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you probably know by now that Tom Cruise is in "Tropic Thunder. I am not a Tom Cruise fan per se, and I'm not just saying that because it's cool to be a Cruise hater lately, but I do have to say "Bravo Mr. Cruise" He is so great in this. In fact, all the acting is great, the only disappointment among the actors is Jack Black. His acting was... well...Jack Black, relying too much on his signature maniacal smirk.

''I've always thought he has a great sense of humor,'' says Ben Stiller, who cast Cruise as a fat, crude studio head and watched him cuss — and dance! — his way through a scene-stealing performance. Who knew? And it could prove to be the best thing to happen to Cruise's career since his Oscar-nominated role in "Magnolia". Heck it may even save Tom Cruise's career. Let's see Batman do that.

The Good: If you’re making a comedy , the single most important thing is to make people laugh. You can get away with a lot in your movie if you make the audience laugh… at the same time you can do everything right, but if you fail to make people laugh, then your movie sucks. "Tropic Thunder" makes you laugh. It’s just that simple. Sure they aren’t the smartest laughs… they aren’t laugh until your sides hurt laughs… but oh my goodness they are laughs nonetheless. Bottom line this is a @#$%& funny movie.

The Bad: One of the few problems with Tropic Thunder is that it starts out so darn funny that by the mddle of the movie it starts to fall a little flat. Perhaps Stiller had too much on his plate, what with rewrites, directing duties, keeping ego levels in check as well as keeping Nick Nolte in line.

So should you go see "Tropic Thunder"? Absolutely! It may have some flaws but it's also pretty hilarious the majority of the time. But don't just take my word for it -it's sitting at a solid 83% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Well, whaddaya know an actual funny "funny movie"!

Rated: R

Posted by oxyjen on Aug 24, 2008


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