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 Fishing Craze
"A bad day on the lake sure beats a good day at the office."

Ah, one of my fondest memories of when I was a kid was going fishing at the lake trying to catch a great, big ol' catfish with nothing more than a tree branch as a fishing pole, your every day worm and a dream. Not! Hey, I'm just a girl from NY remember? Now where am I going to go fishing? I can't believe you fell for that hook, line and sinker.

Let's face it folks, and how do I put this nicely? Fishing games haven't exactly been a boatload of fun and excitement, until now that is, but I am getting ahead of myself.
"Fishing Craze" is a new PC game from JoJu Games. Ya' know, fishing games are kind of like fish-you’re always in search of that perfect catch and it takes a long time and a lot of patience to snag a good one.
The first thing you'll do is choose a couple, then you'll hop into their RV to compete in a countrywide fishing tournament. Sounds like some great R&R!
Each tournament consists of a few rounds to prove your skills as an angler; each type of fish you catch has its own point value. The controls in the game are pretty simple, you use the left button on your mouse to cast your line and you reel it in by moving your mouse around. And then you wait with baited (haha, puns!) breath to get a bite.

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After you qualify to move on, you can buy souped up lures to catch better fish as well as upgrading your boat and other equipment.
There are of course, dangers in and above the lakes. There are electric eels, for example, that will shock you and freeze you in place, and there's a pelican that flies back and forth over your boat and will steal your fish. As well as swordfish that will cut your line with their sharp pointy noses; sharks that will grab your lure and yank you off the screen; whales that will use their blow-holes to shoot you up to the sky!

Warning: with so little time to catch the required amount of fish in order to move up in the ranks, you'll have to be fast. At the end of each tournament, you'll receive a trophy (gold,silver,bronze) depending to how well you placed... I think you get the drift

"Fishing Craze" has some really gorgeous graphics and smooth animation. I loved the cartoonish look and feel of the multicolored fish with their puffy faces and giant grins. "Fishing Craze" gets down to what makes fishing games fun to play (as in real life fishing I suppose) hooking, reeling in, and landing the best fish you can. It’s alot of fun and really has a lot of depth that any great fishing game needs.
Now I’d love to say that I felt like a professional fishing badass, but I can't...sorry, it's fishing! But still I was hooked, this is the game that will stay in my virtual tackle-box!

Grab your fishing pole, rev up the boat and let's go!

Get Fishing Craze Here

Graphics A+
Sound B
Pickup & Play A+
Overall Fun A+

Posted by oxyjen on Apr 20, 2008


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On May 2, 2008, said:
I like to play this game . who want to play with me.


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