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 Transformers-Autobots DS
This game review was generously donated by Mindchamber, Great Job!

Not sure how many of you out there have played this game, but I'm actually very much into it.

At first I thought it was a scam that there are actually two exact same games with the different factions as Subtitles.
The reason for this is clear within the first few minutes of gameplay.
And its the voice acting, and lots of it!

Ever cut scene is loading with very professional voice acting. Prime alone speaks more in th
is game than in the movie, the console version, and toys combined. A lot more than I could have imagined for such a tiny little DS cartridge.

But what's good voice acting without a decent story right?Well, you're in luck, The games storyline is played from an unknown Autobot (thats you) and attempts to string together the movies sloppy plotpoints, in one cohesive arch.
Even filling a few plot holes along the way. It's one of the few games I've played in a long time where I wanted to continue for the sake of watching the rest of the story.
Yes the story is more put together than the movie joke.
At times the story is all you have because the gameplay mechanics are certainly flawed. If you played the console version, this one suffers from the same fate. Horrible camera, dumb AI, and a horrible lock on system is what you are in for.. But this is were the comparison ends.

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The DS version has wayyy more depth than the console version. Here are a few examples:

First you not only play the characters from the movie, but you start out as your own Autobot, one you name, and level up. The more you fight in free mode, and side objectives, the stronger and more agile your robot becomes.
You get a lot of the abilities from the beginning in the console version like, climbing walls, and turbo boost, actually have to be earned. It gives the game a nice action-RPG feel.
On top of that the more you level up, the more cars you can scan, and the more vehicles you can become. You can even change the colors on some of the vehicles. Already this game has more depth than the console game .

With all this customization, it's a real drag that you can only battle other players locally. It would have been nice to see the different vehicles that players have had the experience to scan, and how they fight with them.

There is a online scoreboard system called " AllSpark Wars" that lets you upload your score from side quests,
the score is collected for your faction for that day, and you can see which side is winning.
It's a cop out for real online play. Though it's still a lot more than the console game offered.

About the only downside are the graphics, they are poor, even for a DS game. They are on par with some of the 3D games you've seen on cell phones.
It's a definite eye sore, but if you have a good imagination, all the other pluses will keep you playing for a long time to come.

Thanks again for the great review, Mindchamber

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Graphics F
Sound A
Pickup & Play D
Overall Fun C

Posted by oxyjen on Jul 17, 2007
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