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 Turbo Pizza

Simply put, “Turbo Pizza” is like “Diner Dash” on steroids!

In case you've never played Diner Dash or its many, many copycats (Gasp You haven’t?! Really?! Where have you been?!) You play a restaurant owner who must take care of a slew of hungry patrons. This involves giving them a menu, processing their order before they get impatient, picking up tips and cleaning up after them. You get to upgrade and spruce up your restaurant with the cash you collect.

In “Turbo Pizza”, it’s really no different; you play Rebecca who decides to open a pizzeria with her pal Robert in a rundown castle! Hey, with so much competition out there, you gotta set yourself apart somehow.

But instead of seating customers at tables, customers will simply walk up to a huge round counter to give you their orders.

They will request things such as a pepperoni, mushroom or cheese pizza, and a soda for example.

Many unique types of customers will come into your humble little pizza parlor, such as impatient knights on horses and guys that look like Robin Hood (hey, the restaurant is in a castle, after all!) Others include chubby men and women, teen-agers wearing headphones, bookworms, uptight golfers and so on.

When they first come in you must immediately hand them a menu, their orders will then appear above their heads in a bubble, and you will then walk over to your partner, Robert, who will give you the pizza to put in an oven. You must walk it over to the oven and put it in to bake. Those familiar with the game “Cake Mania’ will see many similarities between the two.

So anyway, wait a little bit and when the pizza is finished you’ll hear a ding, take it out and give it to the hungry customer. Multi-tasking is key and will give you nice chain bonuses, such as taking 3 orders in a row or carrying 2 ice cream cones.

If you pick up the wrong food you can ditch it in the trash can but don’t do it too many times because you will lose some cash from your daily total. Oh yeah, just like in “Diner Dash”, you must make a certain amount of money per day or else you’ll have repeat the level over. More on this in a bit.

*Set up shop in 2 outrageous locations.

*Compete in local pizza making contests.

*Buy new appliances and upgrades.

*Add menu items to attract new patrons.

Even though the game is called “Turbo Pizza” your restaurant serves many other foods and drinks that your customers can choose from such as popcorn, coffee, cakes and such.

Oddly enough, I found that these foods were ordered more so than the pizzas were most of the time. Just as well I guess, since the pizzas take up some precious time especially during some hectic lunch and dinner rushes!

Speaking of rushes, I found that “Turbo Pizza” goes from relaxed to crazy fairly quickly. It all sounds like fun and don’t get me wrong, it is. But it's not as easy as pie as they say.

The game goes from simple to insane in no time flat (around level 8 or 9).

Before you know it, you've got 6 impatient customers ordering food at the same time, who will all leave if they don't get their eats fast enough. Even the minigames are tough!

Oh yeah, let’s talk about the minigames shall we; after a few levels you will play a pizza-making minigame where you have to quickly pick ingredients off a conveyor belt and recreate the same pizza as the sample pre-made ones shown on top. Those familiar with the game "Pizza Frenzy"will also see similiarities between the two. Such as arranging 5 pepperonis in a half-circle, or 3 hot peppers in a perfectly straight row (and I mean perfectly straight-the game deducts points if it’s even a quarter inch off.)

Not an easy exercise let me tell you, you’ve been duly warned.

At the end of each day you are given several choices on how you can spend your hard-earned cash on upgrades, such as buying multiple ovens to speed up the cooking process, adding fancy new desserts to the menu, or buying a new door, and so on.

Who knew buying soft drinks would cost $10,000 but repairing the floor is only $500? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Because of its difficulty, “Turbo Pizza” is probably best for “seasoned” players more so than newbies to the RTS genre, who will definitely be overwhelmed by it.

That said I myself, found the fast paced multitasking madness, cute storyline and great graphics, all make “Turbo Pizza” a fun and challenging restaurant Sims game that's hard to top!

Get Turbo Pizza Here

Graphics B
Sound C
Pickup & Play C
Overall Fun B-

Posted by oxyjen on Jul 11, 2007


2 Comment(s):

On July 21, 2007, said:

On August 15, 2007, said:
I cannot get past the submarine level where you need to get $5600! No matter what I buy, I am either not fast enough or there aren't enough customers! What do I need to have to pass this level? I have the deluxe ovens (all three), well everything but most of the decorations for the store. If you can help I'd really appreciate it!


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