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 Arcadia Remix

Remember the good ol’ days as you happily trotted off to your neighborhood arcade to play all of your favorite videogames. with a pocketful of quarters (thanks Grandpa!) and not a care in the world? There was nothing like it.

PC gaming is great and everything but nothing compares to playing a coin-op videogame, with all of the cool lights and sounds. (Sigh) Ah, to be a kid again. Gosh, I feel old.

Well now, a new game from GameLab Studios called “Arcadia Remix” (and while it won’t transport you back in time or anything, not for $19.99 anyway) it can at least bring back some of that nostalgia to you! Umm, close enough, I’ll take it!

The best way to explain “Arcadia Remix” is to say that it's a collection of simple, "classic" arcade games like the ones you once played on consoles back in 1981. Gosh, I feel old.

And if you thought they were tough back then just wait until you're asked to play 4 different games - all at the same time! It’s like ADD for gaming.

Things like swinging a baseball in a mega-pixilated baseball game, jumping over moles and cliffs, frantically running away from ghosts within a maze or shooting hoops in a badly drawn game of street basketball. (Hey, what do we want? It was the ‘80’s and back in the day, it looked slammin’!)

SideNote:I guess they couldn't get the rights to use their proper names, but they will all be recognizable to you.
  • 16 different retro-style arcade games
  • Awesome power-ups
  • 50 levels across five classic arcade machines

Pretty simple stuff right? But there's catch though, as I said before, “Arcadia Remix” challenges you to play these games all at the same time.

Not long after the first level begins (and after you register your name with just three initials - how old school!) you are made to play two games at the same time, and then three games simultaneously and eventually four games at the same time as you work your way through 50 levels.

Believe me, it is as hard as it sounds – in fact it is mind-boggling! A real workout for your reflexes as well as your peripheral vision.

It is really unique (yet retro at the same time) and I can almost guarantee that you’ve never played anything like it before.

That being said,Arcadia Remix” is certainly not for everyone. Meaning, it will only please a certain group of gamers – probably gamers in their late '30s or so who enjoy a bit of nostalgia ever now and then.

But so what, us “Asteroids” and “PacMan” fans of the gaming world gotta have something right?

(Gasp)There! I went ahead and used their proper names... sue me.

In the end, “Arcadia Remix” is a blast from the past (gosh, I feel old) but with a cool, multitasking twist. And the best part is…you can keep your quarters in your pocket!

Get Arcadia Remix Here

Posted by oxyjen on Jun 4, 2007


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