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 Feyruna- Fairy Forest

"Feyruna - Fairy Forest", a brand new indie game all the way from Germany "bombending!" (German for wow) featuring an adorable, non- slutty fairy as the hero in the land. Don't let her diminutive size fool you once she casts her spells, she packs a mean magical punch. Interested? Good, then allow me to elaborate a bit then on the powers of fairy-ness!

FFF, as "Feyruna - Fairy Forest" will be referred to from here on out features Feyruna, a cute pug nosed fairy that lives in a forest. But that's not surprising right? Aren't all fairies the epitome of cuteness anyway?

You play the happy lil' sprite flying around collecting "glowies"- the good forces in the forest which contain valuable light for your fairy (hey, they're cheaper than batteries for the magic wands!) Spread your wings, and travel on.

Of course not everything is nice and peaceful within this tranquil forest (what fun would that be?) mysterious dark clouds have formed on the horizon and evil villains are creeping in. Preventing your mission of light containment are a number of nasty creatures such as giant bats, huge bumblebees, witches, swamp ghosts, goblins on hang gliders, robotic mosquitoes and bats that will all try to eat your glowies and hurt you if you so much as stand in their way (oh don't worry they will never try to eat you- they are only interested in the glowies. And besides everybody knows fairies aren't edible-they leave a really nasty aftertaste.)

If too many glowies are devoured or if you get hurt too many times a darkness bar will begin to fill up. If it fills up before your light bar, well then �frankly you've lost the level and failed horribly, miserably and shamefully as a fairy- and will never, ever be able to show your fair face in public again! No really, you will just have use a magic hourglass to reverse time and try that particular level again. Spread your wings, and travel on.

Controlling Feyruna is simply done moving your mouse around in the direction you wish her to go. Y'know, from the screenshots I expected FFF to be a side scrolling game, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that each level was a single screen. Glowies and enemies and power-ups all move on and off the screen and you must move accordingly to avoid the evil-doers or make contact with the do-gooders. And of course you will need to collect a certain amount of glowies in order to fill up your light bar to complete the level.

Spread your wings, and travel on.

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The graphics in FFF are truly breath-taking, the backgrounds look like they were taken straight out of a children's storybook. The music in this game is light and airy and it really fit the whole cutesy fantasy theme nicely.

Despite the easy controls and simple concept, FFF is quite challenging. The game offers constant action with a good balance of difficulty meaning the game never gets too easy or too difficult. BTW, don't be too hard on yourself for not being able to save every glowie within a level, because guess what- it can't be done! They literally fly onscreen directly into the path of enemies, in fact the first few are swallowed before you can even react. (They may be cute as hell but man, are they dumb!)

The game sports a whopping 60 levels and if that wasn't enough to keep you entertained, there are bonus rounds and also 3 mini-games to enjoy!

Such as:

Crystals- free the glowies from the crystal cells they are trapped in.

Memory- a memory test.

Guardian- help protect the fairy with your magic wand while she is busy catching glowies.

FFF is a fun little way to pass the time, and is an excellent example of how a good idea can go a long way in making a game entertaining as well as challenging; with some pretty tough boss battles thrown in to spice things up. Spread your wings, and travel on.

Get Feyruna-Fairy Forest Here

Graphics A
Sound B
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on May 1, 2007


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