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 Cathy's Caribbean Club

Do you enjoy sex on the beach? Do you have a thing for fuzzy navels? Well, then have I got a game for you!

Mystery Studios, the company that created “Betty’s Beer Bar” has just released a more family friendly version called “Cathy’s Caribbean Club”; where the name of the game is – you guessed it- customer service.

So if life’s wearing you down and you’re tired of the ol’ daily grind maybe it’s time you took a vacation. You should go somewhere warm and tropical. What? You don’t have the time or the money? No worries, my friend, the island paradise has now come to you!

Cathy has worked long and hard and she has finally saved up enough money to treat herself to a little R&R on a luxury cruise to the Caribbean!
It’s not long before disaster strikes however, when Cathy is late getting back after a land excursion the cruise ship leaves her behind! She is now stranded on a tropical, luxury island (think Gilligan’s Island with perks).
To make matters worse, the ship isn’t scheduled to come back around for another month or so. So with no money and just the clothes on her back what’s an attractive young female to do?
Why working as a smoothie maker in one of the Caribbean's most exclusive clubs of course! Get your minds out of the gutter!

That said, as with any small business, your work here isn't all fun and games. Case in point: you must fill customer’s orders as they edge up to the bar and issue specific drink requests shown in thought bubbles above their heads which show what flavor of drink they want and in what type of glass. These thought bubbles also show the patrons' current patience level which, you guessed it, quickly turns ugly the longer it takes you to serve their order of "liquid happiness" (and I thought hungry people were a cranky bunch!). Speaking of glasses, the empties must be cleared away from any seat before a new patron can be served. And further on into the adventure, the rate of thirsty people approaching your bar needing to be quenched really picks up.
Two Pina Colada’s and a Strawberry Daiquiri over here at the far end of the bar please!

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You only have so much time to rake in the dough before the bar closes and at first poor Cathy's not so good with the hand-eye coordination; she can only juggle 2 glasses at once!

Good thing there’s a cool assortment of bonuses to be earned to help her out, such as drink trays so Cathy will be able serve up to 4 drinks at a time, as well as barmen who'll help mix drinks, entertaining live bands, comfier chairs which attract VIP customers (big tippers) and parrots that help pick up empty glasses.

Please don't judge this one by its cover folks. You are going to be impressed with the graphics when you first see it. It is going to seem somewhat cheap and junky, and you are going be scratching your heads wondering why I even recommended it. But trust me on this one, after you’ve played it a few levels, you will find yourself completely drawn to it. The faces on the customers are just so darn kooky! Speaking of kooky, your customers are certainly an eclectic bunch of characters; in one given shift you will serve clowns to co-eds, punks to pirates, vampires to VIP’s, frat girls to Frankenstein(who is surprisingly a good tipper)!

One complaint though, for some odd reason Cathy’s big head occasionally blocks your view during gameplay. Weird!

The game definitely gets bonus points for its quirky calypso music and cool sound effects ranging from realistic sounding squawking seagulls to the ocean waves lapping at the shore. But just ignore some grammatical mistakes that pop up every once and awhile as well as some weird constant mumbling coming from the people sitting at the bar.

This game is nice and relaxing. The tropical setting, familiar but cute gameplay, and pleasant music all blend together nicely to help soothe your nerves and put you in a warm, happy mood.

So mosey on up to the keyboard, pour yourself a tall one and get ready to quench your thirst for fun!

Get Cathy's Caribbean Club Here

Graphics C
Sound B
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B-

Posted by oxyjen on Apr 2, 2007


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