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 Snowy The Bear Games

Apparently Snowy, a little white bear has a cult following in the PC game world that I was under the wire about. Here is a list of games featuring Snowy:


Help Snowy get back to the Arctic. Throw snowballs at monsters until they become big snowballs themselves. You are in control of the game using your keyboard arrows. Graphics are okay, not very polished and a little rough, maybe because this is the first “Snowy” in the franchise. They’ve come a long way animation - wise, remember how weird and ugly “The Simpson’s” first looked when it was featured on “The Tracey Pullman Show”? 88 levels

SNOWY SPACE TRIP: Release Date 2004

Help Snowy save his green alien friends from space monsters. Snowy must lead the aliens to their rocket ship. Cute graphics, I liked how the little aliens followed behind Snowy in a chain like a tail. Keyboard arrow controls, 80 levels.


Help Snowy reach the exit in a bunch a small mazes. The mazes start off easy enough but they do get harder. Nifty little transporters, and conveyors help you to help Snowy! In a nice touch, the developers also came out with a “winter themed” version of the same title. Cute, but pure puzzle solving gameplay here, not a story mode type of game. Graphics are good. 60 levels, 40 levels for kids.


Help Snowy hunt for hidden treasure. Snowy can dig holes and catch monsters. Graphics are great, very nice backgrounds. Keyboard arrow controls. 60 levels, 30 levels for kids.
In this particular Snowy game, kid friendly levels are important because the monsters aren’t as scary and dangerous looking. (Nice touch)

SNOWY FISH FRENZY: Release Date 2005

Help (are you starting to see a common trend here?) Snowy protect his fish stash from hungry alley cats. You must lend a hand- literally- you control the action with a hand animation using your mouse. Pull back to power up your slaps and punches. You get help from a bulldog in the neighborhood, reminiscent in feel to “Tom and Jerry” . Bonus items like air pumps, toy hammers fall from trees if you shake them hard enough. Simply gorgeous graphics! Tops! Best in the Snowy series! (some serious money went into this one folks and it shows) 80 levels, mouse controls.

Snowy is a likable little bear, so in turn all of his games have a comfortable, cuteness about them-Nothing more, Nothing less, but you will be entertained.

Get Snowy Here

Graphics C
Sound C
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B-

Posted by oxyjen on Sep 23, 2006


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