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 Chocolate Castle

I think it�s safe to say that everyone loves chocolate, right? Well, except for the lactose intolerant of course, but that�s another story.

Imagine, if you will, an entire castle made out of chocolate (no doubt located in The Land of Chocolate) wouldn�t that be yummy?

Well, the next best thing to a real chocolate castle is a puzzle game set in a chocolate castle called �Chocolate Castle�.

In the game, you move mounds of chocolate and chocolate-eating creatures that eat the chocolate to complete each puzzle. Hmm, it all kind of makes me hungry, so please, read on while I go grab me some Hershey�s Kisses, I�ll be right back!

I'm a sucker for a good old fashioned fun as well as challenging puzzle game, and �Chocolate Castle certainly delivers.

Here's how it works, in each level, you have a number of little bunnies who eat chocolate, and the object is to click and drag chocolate (and other obstacles) around so that your animals can eat them without leaving any chocolate behind. What sounds silly enough soon turns downright devious; given the fact that each animal will only one type of chocolate (white, milk, dark, or rose. Rose? Never mind.), and eats only once. To complete a level, you simply must clear it of all the gooey goodness.

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In other words, it's a puzzle game of space and reasoning unlike any other game I've played before. There are so many puzzles within this game (120 to be exact!) some made out of exploding Turkish Delight; snakes, ice cubes, magic walls, and sliding blocks. Oh, and of course there's also a fair amount of chocolate involved as well.

- Munch Through 120 Puzzles!
- Record And Play Your Solutions!
- Design Your Own Chocolate Puzzles!

As far as the graphics and sound go, �Chocolate Castle� has some amateurish looking graphics.

Well, on second thought I don�t know if that�s the right word for it; �simple� might be more appropriate. Being developed by a small indie company (Lexaloffle Games) and being a puzzle game, you wouldn�t expect cutting-edge graphics, and you�d be right.

But don�t worry it�s all good because in fact there is hardly any animation in the game at all: just the chomping of the chocolate bars and the balloon-filled celebration that takes place when you finish a level. There are some charming little details that I liked such as the windows in the castle that light up as you complete stages, and the way the chocolate gets munched up and leaves crumbs behind. If I must complain - and I must always I can come up with is the lack of a tutorial. Even though I didn't find it necessary after reading the instructions, and the unlimited �undo� option, made �Chocolate Castle� an extremely forgiving game, with NO penalties, still a nice little guided tour never hurts.

In the end with a total of 120 levels, Chocolate Castle is chock full of puzzle munching goodness! Yeah I went there, so?

Get Chocolate Castle Here

Graphics C
Sound C
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Jan 14, 2008


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