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The quaint little town of Profitville was once a prosperous community where money practically grows on trees. But then the greedy Mega-Marts moved in. You know those big-box one-stop shop stores that claim to be the Best Buy and are responsible for shutting down poor mom and pop stores all across the country?! I don't really need to name names, do I? I think we all know who I�m Targeting here right?

Profitville needs our help to save these stores with our super packing puzzle skills, in a new game from developers Myth People called appropriately enough �Profitville�.

Yeah sure, I�ll help. I just need some directions first. I can�t seem to find it here on the map though.
Oh, wait here it is. Wow, it�s practically walking distance from Smallville and a stones throw from Pleasantville!

Similar to other "conveyor belt" factory games, such as Teddy Factory and Recyclorama - where you must click on objects and place them in the right spots before they reach the end of the line. You will be kept busy packing items into boxes for shipment. Products roll out of the left hand side of the screen and you must click to pick them up and drop them into the correct boxes on the right.

The goal of course, is to raise as much money as possible within your shift. Merchandise within your store will depend on the type of shop it is, such as dice, roulette wheels and poker chips in the casino store and skateboards, dumbbells and baseball bats in the sports store.

The graphics are nice and chunky and the music is a pleasant �whistle while you work� beat.

�2 Game Modes: Story and Survival
� Power-Ups, Helpers, Machines and More
� Unique and Fun Gameplay

Power-ups pop in from time to time such as a magnet that automatically (and temporarily) pulls the right products into the correct box, a stop sign that when clicked stops the conveyor belt (wow, betcha didn�t see that one coming!) I didn't really use any of these power-ups though because the action never got intense or out of control enough for me that I felt I needed to. Speaking of which�

I liked �Profitville� but I certainly didn�t love it. Why? Well, for one it is way too easy; it is as casual as casual games get, I was down to the last store on the map within less than 1 hour of playing! The conveyor belt remained pretty slow throughout, sorta a cross between tutorial mode speed and super easy speed. I actually went back to the main menu to see if maybe I was in Kids Mode by mistake. Certainly not for gamers that enjoy frantic, edge of their seat gameplay, like myself.

But it is a good click and match game that could have been a great micromanagement game if only they had speeded things up just a bit to make it more challenging.
Let�s just say that it is the perfect pick up-and- play-have-some fun- and-get-out type of game. And in that respect it will definitely appeal to a lot of super casual gamers out there and while it won�t net a killing, it will make a nice littleprofit.

Tips & Tricks

� Fill boxes next to each other to earn the Link Bonus.
� Completely fill all boxes to earn the Packing Bonus.
� Selecting many products before packing or recycling them saves time.
� Earn Packing Bonus by filling a whole empty box with one click!
�Earn Combo Bonus by earning many Packing Bonuses in a row
�Use the toolbox only when there are at least two broken items on screen.
�Use your Tools whenever you can to guarantee big profits!
�Start filling the RoboPacker early on the level so you can benefit from it right away.
�Get the best profit from Recycler Landmark by recycling single items.
� Make sure there are plenty of open boxes before you activate the RoboPacker.
�The MoneyMaker is great. Start filling it as soon as the day starts.
�Find all the little golden Myth People hidden all around the game for an extra bonus!

Get Profitville Here

Graphics B-
Sound B-
Pickup & Play B-
Overall Fun B-

Posted by oxyjen on May 23, 2007


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