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 Diamond Detective
Oh no! All the precious jewels in the city of Gemopolis have been stolen!

Wow, what a shame. Ah well have no fear I’m pretty sure the police will solve this crime lickety split and catch the culprit(s) in no time. They're the finest, it’s who they are, it’s what they do.
Wait, why is that police commissioner over there looking at me like that?

So supposedly the Commissioner desperately needs our help in recovering the stolen gems by collecting clues to solve these mysterious heists. So as the newly appointed if not reluctant Diamond Detectives we must put our puzzle solving abilities to good use and do our part in taking a bite outta crime!

• Play 50 levels throughout the city of Gemopolis
• Solve 10 mystery jewelry heists
• 10 exciting power-ups

At the beginning of each stage, you'll find that a grid of filled with colored gems like pink hearts, green emeralds, red rubies and purple diamonds. In order to apprehend the suspects (hehe I’m starting to sound like a cop already!) you must block their escape by creating 2 or more like colored gem matches.
When I first started playing I said to myself “oh no, look another crime is about to be committed because they’re practically killing me with yet another heinous boring match 3 game.”
But after a few rounds I soon discovered that “Diamond Detective” had some clever little sub-play elements added to it.
You will soon be given one of several handy clues, for example a pair of gloves, a ratty shirt, some carrots, toothbrushes and cologne.

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Why all the evidence, you ask. Because you will be forced look at a lineup of suspects starring oddballs like the foul smelling Steven Stench, penny-pinching Max A. Million, fire fearing Sam Sparks, or one- handed Harold Hooke. Pictures and brief descriptions of each are given and based on these facts, you're supposed to match the clues that the thief left behind with the suspects least likely to have dropped it. For instance, given his name, it’s pretty easy to see Mr. Hooke probably wouldn't need 2 gloves. You know what they say “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

Eliminate enough potential robbers through this logical, if not oversimplified process and you'll eventually nab the actual crook.
The artwork and sound effects are nice and well suited for the “film noire” style feel to the game. The music was a snazzy toe-tapping beat that sounded like it was pulled straight out of an old black and white detective flick.

Even though it might not take the brains of let’s say Sherlock Holmes to solve, “Diamond Detective” is still one fun case worth cracking.

Crime doesn’t pay, but it sure does play!

Get Diamond Detective Here

Posted by oxyjen on Apr 4, 2007


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