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 Jewel Thief
Flawless in everyway:Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut & Cuteness!

Meet Tiffany, BigGemCo. worker by day, Master Thief by night!
Jewel Thief, a gem-based puzzler, the gaming equivalent of a rare diamond. And while the premise is certainly not one of a kind; all facets of the gameplay work together to make it really stand out and shine. And the best part is it can all be yours for about the price of a cubic zirconia!

• 3 modes: Story, Jeweler, and Thief
• 2 gem challenges: Locks & Rough Stones
• 5 shimmering power-ups

Gameplay is simple to master and consists of clicking on and dragging rows of gems to make matches of 3 or more stones horizontally or vertically.
So what makes Jewel Thief stand out? Gorgeous comic book style graphics give the game a semi- precious look. But few games are flawless and Jewel Thief does have a couple imperfections of its own (unoriginality and some minor bugs with the mouse controls at times). Still, it’s a great twist on a successful formula.

A polished gem that's a cut above the rest!

Get Jewel Thief Here

Posted by oxyjen on Mar 7, 2007


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