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 Dream Day Wedding
Feb. 14, 2007

Something Old
In the spirit of Valentines Day I present to you a new hidden images “I-Spy” type of game. Sorta like “Hidden Expedition”, the object of the game searching for special hidden items within the backgrounds.

Something New
The object of Dream Day Wedding by Oberon Games is essentially the same detective puzzle mechanics except this time it’s combined with a romantic seek and find love story!

Something Borrowed
The bride is the center of attention at any wedding right? However, there is another person behind the scenes who is almost as important as the bride (at least when it comes to making everything happen) and that is the best friend. She is the person who works tirelessly to make sure things go as planned, the hair, the dress, the bouquet, the cake, all have to be to be just perfect. She is the one who does some damage-control when things go wrong. Oh, and trust me things will go wrong; you’ll encounter a wedding crisis or two along the way! Guess what, that lucky best friend is you!

The blessed big day is fast approaching, and you've been put in charge of planning her wedding and making sure it goes off without a hitch. This is easier said than done, because as anyone who's gone through a wedding knows, nothing ever goes quite according to plan-ever. You will be running around all over town picking up everything that she needs before time runs out and the stores close for the day. Each shop is filled with random objects with the key items cleverly hidden amongst all the clutter by the tricky artists, so it will take a really keen eye to find everything on your list.
Every so often a major wedding crisis will occur - the kind that can cause a bridezilla-type meltdown if you don't act fast. In these special circumstances, you'll be called to a specific store where a disaster of catastrophic proportions has taken place. For example, the florist calls to say that the bridal bouquet has been destroyed by a swarm of angry ladybugs and it's up to you to find a new set of items in order to make a brand new bouquet. These wedding disasters are always hilarious, once arriving at the florist's shop; you will witness mutant-looking yellow and red ladybugs happily munching on what remains of Jenny's lovely bouquet!

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"Dream Day Wedding" scores major heart points with its lovely presentation, the rooms are softly detailed, giving it a real romantic feel it also takes the wedding theme and cleverly runs with it in a few unique ways. For example, your progress through the game is recorded in the form of a wedding scrapbook which is full of photos and mementos; each turn of the page reveals a new challenge. The hints system comes in the form of a Cupid who will reveal the location of an elusive item by shooting an arrow at it.

Something Blue
My one complaint with the game is that you are only given three hints per challenge. This seems too little and it's frustrating to be stuck with one or two items left on the list and then be forced to do the whole room over again. A better system - and one that has been used successfully in other games like this (Mystery Case Files) might be to give unlimited hints but to take major chunks of time off the clock every time a player uses one. That way, it's up to the player to decide how many hints they can afford to use.

* 12 levels and 9 mini-games, with 16 unique backgrounds – including the bonus tropical honeymoon!
* Wedding Crisis- Save Jenny’s wedding from the brink of disaster in these special tests of skill –- items are not where you remember them
* Perfect Match –play this memory matching game to unlock the tropical honeymoon level! As well as earning an item for Jenny and her Robert to take on their honeymoon (like a passport or a camera).
* Choose A Story –it’s up to you to decide how Jenny and Robert met, fell in love, and got engaged in this unique story game - each path has a different outcome for hours of replayability
* Magical bluebirds of happiness –find the hidden bluebirds in each level to get the special wedding treat.
* Lists of items are randomly selected every time you play so no room is ever the same twice!

So all you hopeless romantics out there, grab your mouse and a box of tissues because here comes the bride!

Get Dream Day Wedding Here

Graphics A
Sound B
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Feb 13, 2007


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