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“Typer Shark” is a clever action typing game in which your keyboard becomes your ultimate weapon and you must type, type, type away in order to protect yourself. Dive deep into the ocean and zap menacing word sharks by typing the words printed on their sides. Zap sharks and piranha before they can turn you into lunch!

You never move around, or interact with anything in this game, you simply just need to type as quickly and as accurately as you can to save your life and snag as much sunken treasure as possible.
Your character is lowered down to a shipwreck while toxic sharks are patrolling the waters with words on them. Each time you type a letter that's written on a shark it will be temporarily stunned; finish the word, and it goes belly up!
Over time, your "Shark Zapper"(resembles a battery at the bottom of the screen) builds up and can be used to instantly destroy an entire wave of enemies in case you get too swarmed. But it takes a while to charge up, and it'll be a while before you can use it again. Every few levels a boss battle occurs, you must type the words on the oncoming torpedoes to send them flying back at the enemy.
Schools of piranhas also show up, and even though each piranha fish will only have one letter, number on them, they are very tricky to beat because they come in large groups and attack quicker. You will really come to despise these little guys! C take that! P and that! M and that! You nasty blood suckers.
It's so satisfying to see piranha after piranha flip towards the surface as you destroy 'em (err, type them to death).
Bonus points are earned once you make it to the shipwreck at the bottom of the sea, for example in one challenge you are given several seconds to type as many words as possible before your air runs out. Watch for bonus jellyfish, because you can gain extra zapper charges from them. You'll be rewarded with some valuable jewel from the wreck, and then it's off to the next shipwreck site.
Extra points are given for typing batches of words perfectly and/or for perfect accuracy (no typos!) unless of course you just set the game on easy,then you get none of the cool extras, you wimpy sea minnow you!

The graphics are nice and fresh and (except for the piranhas, but then again they're ugly-assed fish to begin with).
Da Dum, Da Dum, there’s a rendition of the “Jaws” theme that plays as a warning when you're about to be eaten, which is a nice touch (but how did a little game like this get the rights to it I wonder?)
The only gripe I have occurs within the gameplay but it's just a minor thing; the game tends to run uneven at times, giving you several short easy words, then longer harder words mixed together, almost like 2 different skill levels (beginner and advanced) carelessly thrown together.

Some pretty slick ideas are worked into “TyperShark” as the levels increase: sharks can take two or even up to three words each before they become (sea)worm food. There are also "ghost" sharks and stealth piranhas swimming around, these tricky fish try to hide their letters from you, they will remain invisible for a short period of time. (I guess they were playing around in toxic waters for too long). Also the letters in some words will suddenly change some will start to appear backwards, etc. Fun, fun stuff!

“Typershark” actually improved my typing skills although that's not why I played it. I started off with 45 WPM, (one step up from being a “one finger wonder”) and after playing for a couple of days I advanced to 62 WPM, thank-you-very-much!
So as you can see you don't have to be taking a secretarial course to enjoy the challenges it has to offer. It’s the typing tutor with teeth!

Get TyperShark Here

Graphics B-
Sound B
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Jan 27, 2007


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