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Believe it or not, the biggest threat to our oceans today isn’t oil spills or global warming, no it's cosmic water bugs!
Crazy bugs have crash landed in the ocean and your submarine has been infested with them and now it's up to you to stop their destruction! The mission is simple: fill in any open spaces on a game board little by little. When you have enclosed an area, it will fill in and destroy any bugs found within it.
The gameplay is similar to “Qix “and other fill-in-the-box games, but with updated graphics and power-ups. In fact the company “Retro64”, was created by a professional game developer to revive the creative spirit of the C64. He wanted their games to play like those great games of the past- but not look that way! Sure, their games are based on concepts that are 10 years old, but so what, they are fun to play and they look great.

Get ready to draw lines through strange looking shapes to trap the bugs, and save the day.

In “Water Bugs” you control the terminex action using a weird pipe-like, nozzle dual sided doo-dad that shoots a straight line in either a horizontal or vertical direction depending on which way you are facing your mouse. When the line makes contact on both sides of the game grid, the smallest area of the two sides of your line is then filled in. The object is to fill 85% of the board (don't worry this game doesn’t require a degree in math to play!) Of course if the game was simply moving around filling in the board it wouldn't be very much fun now would it? There are nasty bugs crawling everywhere who will work hard to keep you from filling in the board and they each have different directions of movements.
The creepy crawlies loop and whirl in weird patterns, zipping, looping and whirling all along your computer screen. Some will follow your movements while others move around randomly at different speeds and if they hit you or your beam while you’re in the shooting action, you’re history!

When you fill in a space that contains one of the insectoids, the bug is then blasted to smithereens! You will occasionally be awarded power-ups when enough enemies are exterminated, such as fast shot, slow motion, 2x score multipliers, and time bombs. Be careful though, sometimes there are penalties, or power-downs, which may slow down your shooter, speed up everyone else, or do other nasty things. So as you can see grabbing the good ones while dodging the bad ones really becomes almost a mini-game in itself.

Throw in some power ups in and you have an action packed game. Throw in some combos and 2x score multipliers and you’ve got yourself a fast reaction action/puzzle game!
The different levels consist of walls and divots and you must try to figure out how to use to your advantage to get around the icky bugs while filling in the board. It challenges your hand-eye coordination as well as your strategic abilities. “Waterbugs” is a small, unique, fast paced game that takes no time to learn, and is a blast to play over and over again.

Each of the bugs in the game is well-drawn, giving them a nice wet metallic robo- bug look that is fun to look at and even more fun to destroy! The underwater animations are also done nicely. Everything in the game really stays true to the aquatic theme, from the bubbles that constantly float by, to the beautiful underground scenery, to the way the board ripples and floats away when moving on to the next level.

“Waterbugs” will appeal to anyone that has ever been bitten, stung, swarmed, or just grossed out by little creepy crawlers and is now seeking revenge!
So what are you waiting for? Go pop some bugs!

Get Waterbugs Here

Graphics A
Sound B
Pickup & Play A
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Jan 23, 2007


1 Comment(s):

On January 26, 2007, Tara said:
cool graphics, kinda hard to get into :(


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