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 Revenge of the Chicken
What starts off sounding more like a public service announcement from PETA, is really a hot and spicy new game called “Revenge of the Chicken”.

A peaceful hen, named Paula has had enough and can’t stand being a victim like all her ancestors any more. It’s high time for the “food” to step up to the plate and get revenge against the hungry gluttons who had been tormenting peaceful poultry for centuries. She’s ready for a fight as she takes up arms with a pea shooter ready to go down in a blaze of feathers to protect her home from the “hen hunter” invasion. This chick’s got moxy let me tell you!

Your primary goal as Paula is to destroy all of the salivating fork wielding bad guys coming at you desperately trying to put Paula on their dinner plate.
“Alawar Entertainment” brings us a fresh new look to the classic, 1981 arcade shooter game “Centipede” formula with most of your enemies marching down on you from the top of the screen.

She is well armed and dangerous; and controlling your hen is completely done by using your mouse to defend your camp. As you shoot at your attackers, they will turn into cactuses which in turn will block your way. We must then shoot at the cactuses! This really adds to the intensity of the game. Cactuses contain helpful arsenal items; the yellow ones contain coins and diamonds. Other bonuses include bulletproof vests, rockets, machine guns, cactus boots (helps you walk through cacti) and my all-time favorite a God Mode power-up , which renders you immortal, if only for a little while.

RotC” may seem like a simple shooter but the difficulty increases rather quickly. In the first level, Paula only has to annihilate 24 of the baddies, but as the game cooks up the numbers increase until the entire screen is crawling with starving savages!

Graphically, RotC is a sight for sore eyes, the character animations are incredibly hysterical and add a lot of charm to a simple shooting game. All of the levels are drawn with bright, cheerful colors which makes keeping track of the dozens and dozens of nasty varmints easier than it was with its predecessor “Centipede” with its pixelated inanimate characters and depressing black background.

It is addictive gameplay at its finest with great replay value and one that had me coming back for second and third helpings. Even after I had the review completed, I was still drawn back to it which is not something that I normally do. This one definitely has keeper written all over it, as well as being "food for thought".
You may think twice about what you're having for dinner tonight now that you know even chickens can seek revenge!

Get Revenge of the Chicken Here

Graphics A
Sound A
Pickup & Play A
Overall Fun A

Posted by oxyjen on Jan 17, 2007


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