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On Dec. 23, I received a request from Orama Technologies to review their newly released java puzzle game called “Blokkos”.
Wow, cool beans! My very first request from someone asking for my opinion about their game. I was flattered to say the very least.
So I excitedly clicked the link, fully prepared to see and play something amazing. Um, how should I say this delicately? What I saw was something that resembled some drawings done by a 5 year old.

I wanted to like “Blokkos” I really did. I wanted it to be the “little puzzle game that could”. So I put my initial misgivings aside and played a few rounds, I mean visually “Tetris” isn’t anything to write home about either!
In theory the gameplay is really very simple; pull blocks with your magnet and build lines by matching like colored blocks and sliding them into a tube before your energy bar turn’s red. The up/down arrow keys move the magnet, and the spacebar activates it.
It was all going okay for the first 2 levels and then Bam! I hit what, in my opinion, is a flaw within the gameplay – the game actually sets you up to feel as though your failing! I know, I couldn’t believe it either! Nonetheless, I continued on and time after time I encountered the same flaw. I even restarted the game, no dice (like I said before I really, really wanted to like this game).

Let me give you an example:
1. The magnet can only be used on the left hand side of the grid (an annoyingly, odd feature) 2. Like any magnet it can only pull what it can touch, so let’s say you need that red block to complete your line and there are no red blocks on the ends, all the red blocks are mixed in and being blocked by the other colors , you are therefore forced to pull the wrong color, the game chimes in and gives you the impression you are failing at the game! A flaw, in my eyes, within the game's mechanics. I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t like playing games that make me feel as though I suck at them, especially if it’s no reflection on my abilities or should I say, lack thereof.

The keyboard controls were awkward; I would have preferred using the mouse instead, this was probably done intentionally because “Blokkos” is being released for mobile phones as well.
Press Release “Orama Technologies” has announced that Blokkos is currently available in a free web version, with commercial versions for mobile phones scheduled for release during the remainder of the month”. FIY to all you mobile phones gamers out there, the web version is free, unlimited play, no 60 min. trial period, no pressure to purchase ever. Try before you buy.

Press Release “Orama Technologies “I’m quite happy with the final result on Blokkos and the initial feedback we’ve received is extremely promising. Both casual players and gamers find it fun and addictive and the comments we receive also indicate that it was successful in being a family-oriented game: both parents and sons are playing and enjoying it”
So the developers are happy with the final result . Ah well there goes any hope that they mistakenly sent me a prototype or a “work in progress” version! Addictive- not so much.
Family Oriented- on the contrary I think the hand drawn childish graphics will actually turn off most adults.

Another reviewer had this to say about Blokkos, “For a game that is intended to reach a wide and mixed audience, the presentation really is only going to appeal to girls and little kids”.
Now I am sure he meant no offense, but to that I say “@#$%&*does that mean anyway? Is he implying that girls actually find amateurishly drawn games appealing? I beg to differ my good man, I beg to differ!

Kid Appeal- kids hate to feel as though they fail at games even more than I do, once they hit the negative input the game gives you, they will become so discouraged they probably will never want to play it again. In their favor, however, the developers made the decision to leave out scoring or time limits within this game; so you can take all the time you need to complete each puzzle. This is a nice touch for the very young, as well as the extremely casual gamers out there.

I will end my review on that semi positive note, once again, I really, really wanted to like this game, especially since it was done by viewer, but sadly “Blokkos” just didn’t have any magnetism for me.

Get Blokkos Here

Graphics D
Sound D
Pickup & Play D
Overall Fun D

Posted by oxyjen on Dec 29, 2006


3 Comment(s):

On January 12, 2007, PsychoGoldfish said:
You know you girls love animals and rainbows!

On January 16, 2007, Dinotron1 said:
This game sucks. it needs combos or something. you can only slide colors into one slot , and thats it. it gets boring quick, and no happy little suprizes.

On February 16, 2007, said:
my comment is that was good but give me back my hour because i have to go off the computer noe


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