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 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Somewhere over the rainbow way up high there appeared a new game from “Injoy Games” called “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”.
Now many of us will forever associate this beloved story with ruby slippers, Toto, and those just so darn cute munchkins (better known these days as “little people”). The book that the movie is based on (yes, it was first and foremost a book!) has been translated into 40 different languages since its release in 1904 and has now been given a new life and developed into a video game! Hey, if the Muppets can make a movie based on it ….
So follow the yellow brick road and enjoy the journey to the wonderful land of Oz.

This puzzler will instantly be familiar to anyone that has ever played “Bejeweled”, but for the benefit of those who might not be, here is a brief overview.
You are given a grid board that is filled with colored gems such as red rubies, blue diamonds and green emeralds (kinda sounds like a “Lucky Charms” cereal commercial doesn’t it, they're magically delicious!). The ultimate goal is to clear the board and make 3 like matches of gems in order for them to disappear. This is done by swapping gems around the board with your mouse. You get the general idea now right?

Ding Dong the Wicked Witch Is Dead! In this puzzle version, you are not only idly gem swapping, you are also given the challenge of freeing trapped munchkins that got stuck inside some pieces( those little buggers are certainly needy, it’s not enough that Dorothy dropped a house on the wicked witch of the East, I guess.)
Follow the Yellow Brick Road , in order to finish a level you also must destroy the yellow brick pieces hidden behind the gems. Unlike other match 3 in-a-row like games this one has a diagonal meter that will gradually fill up by freeing munchkins, and when its full, you are able to swap gems diagonally, in addition to horizontally and vertically.
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Another element that sets this game apart from the rest are the many power ups that you use, which are tied into some small way to the Wizard of Oz characters and overall theme of the story. A tornado gem, will help whirl away all other gems within its column. A cowardly lion gem will roar away all other gems in its column. Other power ups include locks, keys, fireballs that will destroy an entire row and pick –axes that can be used to chop away yellow bricks to complete a level quicker.
There is no “race against the clock” stress here as there is no time limit for completing any of the levels, which makes for a nice, easygoing game experience, and we are treated to an excerpt from the movie in between levels, what a treat!
The characters are lovable as they were in the movie and surprisingly well-developed considering how short the game really was, I am not saying that they were spectacular however, but they are definitely up there within the quality of Saturday morning cartoons.
There’s No Place Like Home, “The Wonderful World of Oz’ is a fun,colorful, light hearted spin on the ol’ tried and true 3 in-a-row puzzler for sure! and normally I despise and resent games that copy and regurgitate the same formula over and over again to us, but between the theme and the clever use of a beloved classic used here, it did keep me from being totally bored and content even after the first 5 minutes. Besides its Christmas time, so I will cut it some slack!

Eat, Drink and Play Merry!

Get The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Here

Graphics B
Sound B
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Dec 11, 2006


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