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 Pirate Poppers

Ahoy Mateys! , get ready to set sail with “Pirate Poppers” brought to us by “Playfirst” and “Mystery Studios”.
“Climb aboard for some swash buckling good times, start off as a lowly landlubber and see if you have what it takes to become a living legend.”
This self proclaimed summary by the developers as well as all the pirate hype swirling around with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie I would say helped peak my interest in playing this game.
Pirates and looting is the theme here, although to be perfectly honest with you, if it lost the pirate theme it would still be the same game. The pirate thing isn’t an integral part of the gameplay, and it could have worked just as easily had it been a game about sailors.
“Pirate Poppers” is a click and shoot puzzle game (sorry no duel or sword fights here) much like in “Zuma” and “Luxor”.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with these puzzlegames, here it is, you point and shoot out of a cannon at colored balls, the goal is to match at least 3 like colors in a row as they come rolling down line towards a skull and crossbones ending point. So instead of the Egyptians in “Luxor” or the Incas in “Zuma”, here you have pirates. Creating combos will earn you powerups and other valuable treasure items (pirate booty) like gold coins, and jewelry.
Combos/Special Items:
Prisoners Pace: will slow down the chain.
Stern Wind: will blow the chain backwards.
Drop Anchor: will temporarily stop the chain.
Color Bomb: yep you guessed right, it blows up the entire chain. Just wait until you experience this exploding action that will leave your screen shaking and your speakers rumbling!

All treasure items and loot that you pillage are later counted up and kept in your treasure cove, which really doesn’t do much in the way of gameplay, so my guess is it was added to give you a sense of accomplishment.
There are 3 levels available in “Pirate Poppers”, adventure, arcade and puzzle. All three do an adequate job at keeping your interest, I myself have always preferred to play adventure (story) mode in order to give myself a full appreciation of a games mechanics.
The adventure mode is essentially story mode that involves a journey, a map and a dream! Arcade mode is similar to adventure, the only difference is that your pirate has less lives. In puzzle mode the goal is to clear the board of all the balls, and you are given a limited amount of ammo.
There is good news for gamers who don’t like to start over when they die or should I say walk the plank! This game allows you to continue from your last level if you fail, but you shouldn’t find yourself failing very often however in “Pirate Poppers”, especially if you have any prior experience with this type of puzzle format. Players of “Zuma” will find that as a whole it’s not as challenging . I was able to complete adventure mode in only a few days, but PP is engaging and certainly worth its weight in gold.

The sound effects are fantastic, cannon fire and other pirate battle sounds are so lifelike and abundant, it sounded like something from a movie,and it’s no wonder, they did have a whole separate sound team work on this game courtesy of “Marino Sounds” and it was well worth it. The great background music also helped enhance the game experience tremendously, so be sure to turn up the volume while you play.

So overall, my fellow buccaneers, I would say “Pirate Poppers” is a hidden treasure, even though it did seem a tad too easy at times.
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, it’s a pirates life for me!

Get Pirate Poppers Here

Graphics B
Sound A+
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Nov 26, 2006


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