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 Word Krispies

If you have ever munched on Alpha-Bits cereal as a kid then you already know the fun you can have by forming words in your bowl using the sugary sweet letters. For those of you who didn’t however, Liquid Dragon Studios brings us “Word Krispies” which took that pastime and turned it into a word game.

The story starts off with a mother and her son enjoying a tour of their local cereal factory, seems innocent and charming enough doesn’t it? But then disaster strikes! The mother's precious diamond necklace (?, don’t ask) comes loose and falls into one of the boxes which ends up on a delivery truck packed with hundreds of cereal boxes to be delivered all over town. Their only choice now is to chase that truck and eat their way to the bottom of each box until they find it. Can you imagine some old lady finding the necklace first while eating her Shredded Wheat one morning? Now, that’s what I call the ultimate collectable prize in every box!

The creative gameplay involves using the alphabet cereal pieces to spell out words. The cereal is shaken out of the box into a bowl of milk. Each puff piece has a letter stamped on it and the simple goal is to start playing with your food. It’s not all fun and games however ,it does get pretty challenging unless you think on your feet and spell like mad. Each letter that you leave floating around in your bowl too long will inevitably get soggier and soggier and if it dissolves and sinks to the bottom, you will lose a life. After all the letters are used to make words and disappear more come to take their place until the box is empty. Some pieces have colored marshmallows on them and bonuses are earned by forming words using the letters with the same marshmallow color. Every so often some cereal pieces will come out stuck together (quality control at the factory is not what it used to be) and they must be used as a pair.
The delivery truck brings a different brand of cereal to many stores throughout the town. For example, the candy store will get a cereal that contains honey bombs that explode all the letters near them. The health food store will get a cereal containing a talking broccoli character named Broccoli Bob. He will give you hints about what word to make next. The nuclear power plant, yeah that’s right, nuclear power plants need cereal too. (Just roll with it) their unique cereal contains radioactive symbols that change nearby letters and make them crispier.

This game is visually stunning, I was constantly amazed at how realistic the graphics looked. The game makers did a wonderful job of adding several great touches that enriched the game experience. For example the marshmallow bits left little colored swirls in the milk and the letters bobbed and floated around in the bowl. It was so realistic, as a matter of fact that it made me a lil nauseous at times and almost made me toss my cookie crisps.

There are 60 nutritious levels with 10 bonus power up buddies like Broccoli Bob, Count Alphabetica, Uncle Sam as well as 6 bonus rounds, in addition to mini games between levels. These mini games are a welcome diversion as well as being helpful as they give you an opportunity to earn extra lives. So as you can see “Word Krispies” is not only great tasting it is also fortified with healthy vitamins and minerals!
Word Mini Games:
Fill The Gap: you must fill in the missing vowels.
Extra Serving: make a word using all the letters in the bowl.
Anagrams: make as many words as you can with the given letters.
Jumble Words: try to figure out what the jumbled word is.
Hangman: same old favorite.

Anyone who is a fan of word games like “Bookworm” and “Bonnie’s Bookstore” will surely be pleased with “Word Krispies”. I found it to be a breakfast word game of champions and far more substantial than its counterparts within the genre.
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Graphics A+
Sound B
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Nov 16, 2006


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