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 Garden Dreams

“Toybox Games” has planted another winner and given us a fresh adventure in extreme gardening with “Garden Dreams”. But does it reap what it sows?

Granny is in financial trouble again and it’s up to you to dig her out of it. Now we all know Granny has gotten along in years and frankly can’t keep up the pace anymore especially in her garden. Without the vegetables from it though she has no source of income, so you must manage her garden and keep Granny’s bills paid. The premise sounds easy enough: plant some seeds and pick some vegetables. But it’s not quite that easy, if you water the crops too little they’ll wilt, if you leave the vegetables in the ground too long they’ll rot. There are also nasty little critters along the way that view Granny’s garden as an "all you can eat buffet” so you will have to arrange the crops in such a way that makes both watering and protecting them possible in the most time and cost efficient way.

As you progress through the levels, friends and item upgrades will be unlocked for you to bring along to help you in your garden. You can use up to 3 friends/items and you must decide (weed out) which of these will benefit you the most, so it becomes an RTS , real time strategy game of micro managing your precious resources, and they say video games are worthless. Bah! The upgrades add nice depth and good replay value to “Garden Dreams”.

-some help by picking the produce for you before they rot.
-some help protect against pests or dehydration.
-some increase your rate of production of the plants.

-faster, jug filling faucets.
-larger watering jugs.
-fertilizers that help speed up growth.
-stronger pesticides like bug spray for those truly pesky buggers.

All the green thumb actions are done by clicking and dragging the mouse. You must earn a required amount of income for each level in order to move on, but the good news is, there is no time limit. The only way to really fail within a round is to lose all of your plants to predators. Once enough money has been earned you can purchase more seeds to expand and improve its value. This becomes an exercise in strategizing once again since each type of vegetable carries its own unique value. For example, tomatoes grow quickly but don’t sell for a lot of money. Beans will earn you lots of money but go bad very quickly. Pumpkins grow slowly but sell well and can also be turned into yummy pumpkin pies for even more money. Now that’s what I call upselling!

The graphics are pleasant with lots of color with tasty looking produce as well as cartoonish bugs that make super satisfying splat sounds when squished. “Garden Dreams” is fast paced and before long you’ll be clicking like mad to collect fruits and vegetables, water plants, smack bugs away, and plant new crops. It is easygoing fun from seed to shining seed!

Get Garden Dreams Here

Graphics B
Sound B
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Nov 14, 2006


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