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 Flip or Flop- Home Edition

You know that reality show “Flip That House” featured on A&E network? It’s a show that features people buying homes, renovating them, and then try to sell them for at a profit. Well the folks at “Toybox Games” are banking on the fact that you do, and they bring us a puzzle game based on it called “Flip or Flop Home Edition”.

Getting old sucks on so many levels, poor Granny forgot to pay her taxes and now her house has been repossessed by the bank. She was forced to move into a retirement home (or as its hip to call them nowadays, “assisted living communities”). So now with her remaining rainy day funds and some real estate experience you decide to help get Granny’s house back as well as making a profit by flipping houses. “Flipping” is a relatively new concept for me and one I am not sure I am completely comfortable with. Ah, gone are the days I guess where you got married, and bought a home to raise your children and grow old in. Well anyway, in “Flip or Flop” you start out renovating trailer parks and as your stash of money gets larger you work your way to fixing up houses in ritzy neighborhoods. The ultimate goal is to make $3 million dollars.
To fix up homes, you are given a puzzle grid, the gameplay within the puzzle involves moving rows of pictures up or down, left or right to make a string of at least 3 matches. The pictures you must match represent a problem area in the house that needs renovating, such as the doors, windows, wallpaper etc. To solve each puzzle and earn the most money you must make a certain number of matches for each problem area. A timer off to the right that looks like a tape measure, tells you how long you have to left to your home completion and a bulletin board gives you valuable information such as how many rows you have left to make to your final renovation, how much you’ve spent as well as how much value you’ve added to your property. Cha-ching let the flipping cash register ring, so where’s Granny in all this you ask. Granny’s fine, she’s having fun playing bingo at the home don’t you worry.

So back to the gameplay shall we, not to brag or anything but I purchased, renovated and sold(at a hefty profit) well over 20 houses in under an hour, take that Donald Trump! When you do well and make large sums of money the game gets harder, now instead of only a few pictures to line up and clear you are given more and more small ones and are given less time allowed in order to clear the board. The harder levels definitely made me flop a few times, but the good news is once you flop the game resets itself to an easier level so you do have a chance to redeem yourself and work your way back up to the more advanced levels.
Here’s a helpful hint if you get stuck, keep your eye on the arrows at the top, bottom and sides of each line. The arrows will light up after a couple of seconds to help you out. Also be sure to look for bombs, when you line up 3 bombs of the same color, they will explode and the whole entire line will be cleared, thus speeding up your flip.
Don’t be fooled while the game mechanics may seem related to home renovation, it is purely a puzzle game (think Bejeweled) with a new theme. Don’t go into this thinking it’s a decorating challenge like I did, in which you are given an opportunity to choose what items you wish to fix, wallpaper, paint color that sort of thing. I wish there was more variety to the gameplay of “Flip or Flop”. The concept remains the same throughout the entire game, the only thing that changes are the grids, they get larger and the time allowed to complete them gets shorter.

So are there better looking, better sounding games out there? Sure there are. Are there games with more challenging gameplay? You betcha. So why can’t I resist going back again and again to have “just one more go at it”!
Besides it was all for a poor little old lady right?

Get Flip or Flop Here

Graphics B
Sound B
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun C

Posted by oxyjen on Nov 12, 2006


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