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 Fitness Dash

I guess all those yummy burgers and greasy fries are finally catching up to all the nice citizens of Dinertown- hence the newest RTS game from Playfirst called "Fitness Dash".

So let's see now, while in Dinertown I've served greasy burgers and fries, catered weddings, parked cars and now you want me to help people workout their fat asses, and wipe sweat off dirty, filthy machines? Umm...okay!

You play Jo the Jogger, a spunky young woman (who coincidentally first appeared as a customer called "the jogger" in the very first Diner Dash!) Anyway Jo is not only an avid jogger she's also an avid tug-of-war player. Eh? That's right, she's so passionate about the game that she is even on a tug-of-war team! Double eh? Hey, who are we to judge, right? Jo wants to whip her tug-of-war teammates into shape and take on her arch rival team the Meatropolis Mashers (cute) in a big competition. And what better way to to do this than by spending millions of dollars and opening up a few gyms to help her friends lose weight and get fit! What? Makes perfect sense to me!

It plays exactly (and I mean exactly) like its predecessor, Diner Dash and other Dash games. But instead of running around seating customers at tables, handing them menus and delivering them their food, Jo must free up equipment for gym members (such as treadmills, exercise bikes, ab crunchers and rowing machines), hand them towels, quench their thirst and direct them to the showers. Making money is still the name of the game, however, and you have a daily minimum to reach in order to move onto the next day.

Bonus points are awarded for color matching; the same customer color to the equipment or shower color or doing two tasks at the same time such as delivering two towels to two members... you get the idea, right? You will also need to take care of “disasters” such as chasing out a tempting ice cream truck guy, repairing the TV and fixing a broken shower.

After you completed each gym, your team will compete in a tug-of-war Match 4 minigame where you need to click on at least 4 blocks of the same color - if you've ever played "Super Collapse" you'll know exactly what I mean. I know the developer added this minigame feature in order to beef up the game and make it unique, but to be perfectly honest with you- I hated it! I found the minigame to be annoyance it really took me out of the RTS vibe and rhythm of gameplay. Psst, Hey Playfirst, sometimes less is more, nuff' said.

There are some other issues as well.

For one, you don’t need to use many of the items in the gym in order to win.The stretching mats, water bottles, microwave and gym upgrades are all unnecessary. None of these things help you to get a higher score! Now I ask you, my fine fellow Dashers, wouldn't it have been better if these items and choices were relevant to the gameplay in some way?

In the end I liked this game even though I found it way too easy. I found myself on Level 33 out of 50 before I knew it (where did the time go?) But what can I say, I like all the Dash games. Aside from the easiness of the gameplay, silly minigame component and zero innovation, it's a cute concept, in fact it almost motivated me to go workout...almost!


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Graphics C-
Sound C
Pickup & Play C
Overall Fun C

Posted by oxyjen on Nov 16, 2008
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