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 Turbo Subs

Whatever you prefer to call them-subs, heroes, po' boy’s, hoagies are all great aren’t they?

I can easily pass on the golden arches and the red and white bucket meals, but I have a weakness for a good pipin’ hot sub.

I was afraid playing “Turbo Subs” the time-management/ restaurant sequel to “Turbo Pizza” would make me crave them all the time. Thankfully, the food in this game looks simple and cartoonish - not enough to make this sub freak’s mouth water. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The title alone should tell you everything you need to know about this new game from Oberon Media. "Turbo Subs is the first game in the franchise that we really cooked from scratch, if you'll pardon the pun. The unique flow, fun theme and colorful characters set this game apart from its predecessor and other games in the category” says Don Ryan, Oberon Media's senior vice president of Publishing.

Mr. Ryan, there is absolutely nothing wrong in including the occasional pun in your press release statements. In fact, the more puns the better, I say!

Anyway, as you probably already guessed by now it’s all about subs.

“Turbo Subs” is a sequel to “Turbo Pizza” except now instead of pizza & stuff you are serving subs & stuff, but you probably figured that out by now too! (Wow, you are making this review easy for me.)

The story in “Turbo Subs” basically the same old “help us build our humble sub shop before the evil sub empire puts us out of business!

The second chapter in the Turbo series begins with the return of Rebecca and her partner Robert, who go to New York for a much needed vacation.

Being true business people (and workaholics), they just can't seem to pass up a good business opportunity when they see one, which is how they end up turning an old subway car into a brand new subway sandwich shop. They must all suffer from the same over-achievers complex as Flo from Diner Dash.

It’s up to you to help them win the heart… and stomach of New York City. Robert’s the sandwich maker, and it's up to Rebecca to serve customers, and you lend a hand as they slap together sandwiches good enough to put Jared off his Subway diet.

You basically control Rebecca who really does all the work- as she hands out menus, takes orders, gathers the food for delivery and collects the money. Yeah sure Robert puts the sandwiches together, but it's up to you to throw them in the toaster oven and toss on the condiments.

As if that weren't enough, you'll also have to keep an eye out for thieves who will slink up to the counter and try to steal your hard-earned tips. I’m not surprised; this is New York City after all!

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Even though the restaurant is first and foremost a sandwich shop it also has a bunch of other fast food goodies like soda, chips, cookies and cotton candy. Between levels, you can play a hidden object mini-game and spend your earned income on restaurant upgrades.

-60 Levels of Fast Food Fun!

-Sling Subs in 3 Quirky Locations.

-6 Seek-And-Find Minigames.

-High Speed Turbo Service Mode.

Most casual games help you unwind after a long, stressful day. But, “Turbo Subs”, however, ain’t one of them. Although fun and well put-together, it is definitely one of the most intense and insanely challenging (and adrenaline-pumping) time management games out there.

But if you can keep up with the game, there's a lot to enjoy from its extremely cute and colorful graphics to its cool locations. For example an abandoned carousel in Coney Island, and inside the Statue of Liberty's torch!

That being said, anyway you slice itTurbo Subs”, is probably best for seasoned gamers who have a few time management games under their belts already.

Y’know, I am in the mood for a hot tasty sub right about now, so umm…what you doing for lunch?

Turbo Subs Tips & Tricks

-You’ve been thoroughly warned about how tough the game can be so you should start with the Easy Mode if you're not used to playing these types of games. If you're a time management expert, then you should start off with the Expert Mode.

-Rebecca can carry 2 things at once, so make sure her hands are full at all times. Grab 2 of the same items at once, or pick up 2 different things in order to save some time.

-You can earn chaining bonuses for doing tasks in multiples. For example, you can chain your tips by waiting until everyone has been served and then pick up them all up at once. Or you can have a menu chain which has you handing out several menus in a row and so and so forth. You get the idea

-You don't always have to serve people as soon as they come in you know. Wait a few seconds and start taking orders until most of the counter is filled up. This will allow you to make bigger chaining bonuses.

-Sometimes it's a good idea to let the tips sit on the counter for a bit, because it will give you a chance to catch up on orders. Besides, collecting all the tips at once also gives you a longer tip bonus.

-Do things as organized as possible in order to avoid mixing up the orders. For example, I always preferred to place the condiments on the subs before I placed them in the oven. It helped me from getting confused when it came time to deliver the orders since the condiments were already on it.

-Serving customers as fast as you can, will earn you more money; the happier the customers are the bigger their tip will be. Serve the angriest customers first because trust me you don't want to lose them, if an angry customer leaves, it will cost you $300! Wowee.

-Pay close attention to what is written at the beginning of each level, if it says "break out your toaster ovens, the business women are late for lunch" then you know you are going to get a lot of orders for toasted sandwiches, so be prepared. If it says "everyone is doubling their sandwich order" you know that you are going to get some customers that are going to order 2 sandwiches instead of 1.

Get Turbo Subs Here

Graphics B
Sound B
Pickup & Play B-
Overall Fun B-

Posted by oxyjen on Feb 4, 2008


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