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 Fruity Garden
Fruity Garden is a cute new indie game from the development team Bondarchuk V. In it you play Anna Maria whose grandmother has just given her a fruit garden as a present to take care of. Wow, a genuine whole fruit garden to call her very own, what a gift!

Y’know, my grandma was the sweetest, most, loving, caring person you’d ever want to meet but god love her she was also the worst gift giver ever! Every Christmas, birthday, graduation without fail, she would give me “Hanes Her Way” cotton underwear. And not the bikini style panties with the cute hearts and flowers on them, mind you. Oh no! I got the ever practical all white elastic-waistband-breathable-100%cotton-for-all-day-comfort bloomer briefs! To this very day I can’t bear to look at undergarments that come in packages of 3 without shuddering!
Ah well, we all have issues right? Well, let’s put all those bad memories behind us shall we, and have fun helping Anna Maria with her fruity garden gift. Lucky Stiff!

The gameplay is a simple point and click action using the left mouse button to help Anna gather fruit, apples, pears, plums from trees. This game reminded me alot of the classic game of “Whac-A-Mole” with traces of “Duck Hunt” thrown in.

You start out with 1 apple tree, and all you have to do is wait for the apples to grow and become ripe, (it will shake when it’s ripe) and then you click on it. The game starts off at a nice easygoing pace, you happily clicking away with birds chirping in the background. Before long the challenge picks up, by level 3 more trees are added to the mix, you must be quickbecause fruit that stays too long in the trees will fall down and begin to rot. Rotten fruit attracts nasty caterpillars that will eat anything they can sink their teeth into. Caterpillars aren’t the only bad guys in your garden; as you progress, you will get additional trees to take care of, and crows will start swooping down to take your produce away. How do you get rid of crows you ask, a scarecrow perhaps or maybe a nice high study gate to keep them at bay? Nah, a good old fashioned slingshot should do the trick! By moving your mouse over them, a handy slingshot will appear, and a direct hit will impale them (I mean shoo them away.)

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Even though the game was designed to be a simple clicker, it really challenges you to be attentive and quick on your feet (great for eye-hand coordination). Some clever decision making is needed as well. Such as deciding how soon fruits should be gathered, you must be patient and wait a bit. But you can’t just sit back and get too comfortable; the game will soon start deducting points for picking prematurely and besides over ripened fruit quickly turns to nasty mushy messes and will attract some unwelcome guests. I’ve got a slingshot boys and I am not afraid to use it!

Fruity Gardens is fun to look at, the graphics have an enchanting happy children’s storybook type feel to them, with cheery backgrounds, complete with a smiling sun and soothing nature sound effects. Even the pesky crows that fly by have friendly smiles on their faces.
It was fun helping Anna Maria in her garden even if it was a lot of work at times, all I can say is good thing I was wearing my practical elastic-waistband-breathable-100%cotton-for-all-day-comfort briefs! Thanks Grandma.

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Graphics B
Sound B
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Mar 19, 2007


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