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 Mystic Inn
If you thought waitressing at a greasy spoon restaurant was challenging, just wait until you have to serve potions to demanding witches and warlocks in “Mystic Inn” from Big Fish Games. Think of it as “Diner Dash” meets “Harry Potter.

You play Daphne, a magicians apprentice who wanders off in the woods and comes upon an old inn with a sign that reads:

Step inside and serve up drinks.
More fun than you might think.
Dragons may cause a kink
Shape a treasure, or simply sink”.

Drawn in by its voodoo type magic, poor Daphne is soon entrapped by the enchanted Mystic Inn, where she is forced to serve all of the patrons in order to get magic to upgrade the inn. Only when she has fully upgraded the joint can the spell that locks Daphne can be broken!
The inn can get extremely busy with groups of she-devils demanding all kinds of magic potions.
If you've ever played Diner Dash, you will be comfortable in Mystic Inn right away. The basics are pretty much the same: seat the customers, take their orders, pick up the potions near a bubbling cauldron and bring it to their table, collect, and repeat. There is no currency exchanged in this game however; witches don’t have any need for money, what would they do with it. Besides where would they put it anyway, everybody knows their robes don’t have any pockets! Instead they leave behind magical orbs that are collected for upgrade points.

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Multicolored vials that you must use to mix the potions are at the bottom of the screen, so let’s say 6 witches request a blue potion, you must then click on the blue colored vial 6 times to make the order, the next table may request 3 red potions so you simply click on red 3 times and so on and so forth, you get the idea. Later on in the game, customers at the same table will begin to mix up the action by ordering different potions, such as 3 black, 2 green or 1 red.

Your customers won't be asking for just one order, in fact they usually order twice in one sitting, unless you're nearing closing time that is. Interestingly enough, chaining or multitasking isn't available in this game. Daphne can't pick up more than two orders at the same time and she also can’t serve more than two orders in a row!
Most customer service/time management games of this sort rely heavily on chain bonuses it’s their bread and butter if you will. Omitting this challenge element was a big mistake on the developers part in my opinion, because as the levels go by you will be dealing with many tasks at once, such as larger groups coming in, managing a podium to keep the witches happy, as well preparing potions for take-out orders (in the form of an Hedwig-like owl that delivers in 30 minutes or less guaranteed or your orders free). So why leave out the bonus rewards for doing a good job at micro-management? Hmm.

Mystic Inn does a few tricks up its sleeve that sets it apart from other Diner Dash-like games. It offers bewitching minigames every few levels, which includes a potion building game that will award you helpful bonus items, for example, a freezing spell that stops time temporarily as things get hectic at the inn. You can unlock juggling frogs or magic tricks to entertain guests in line, play a charming harp, and chase away dragons that come to steal your potions. Yes, you read that right, dragons –all in a day’s work!
The graphics and the sound are nice but a little on the dark and glum side, however I must admit it does fit in well with the overall theme of the game.
While it doesn't score many points for originality, Mystic Inn is an enchanting pick up and play game that's hard to put down (perhaps it casts a spell on its players?)
A good dose of fun!


Graphics B-
Sound B-
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Mar 5, 2007


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