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 The Impossible Quiz 2

Forget about watching your weight and cholesterol: the latest health obsession is not with the body but with the mind. "Brain games” are popping up everywhere these days that focus on the size, weight, age of your noggin’ and offer a fun way to test your smarts and potentially make you smarter.

And back by popular demand, it’s “The Impossible Quiz 2” the not-quite-a-game game!

Impossible? Why, we’ve all heard the saying,” nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it”, right? Well let’s put it this way, only 258 people on the planet have completed it. That's 258 out of 6 billion! Think you’re pretty darn smart, do ya? Let’s see if you are up for the challenge?

The rules may be simple, complete the quiz by answering all of the 100+ questions, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ll need quick reflexes, fast mouse skills, insane logic and some good ol’ fashioned luck (and it helps to play the original game too.)

Tip: the obvious answer is never the right answer, trust me. Also sometimes the answer is hidden and might be in a place you’d least expect. If none of the given answers seem to correctly answer the question, roll over the area with your mouse to see if you can click or drag something. And oh yeah, the keyboard comes in handy at times too.

I have to admit, since playing “TIQ2”, my mind is sharper and clearer, in fact I've learned to speak over a dozen foreign languages fluently, and I can move objects simply by thinking about them!

The questions are mostly multiple-choice, but keep your eyes open because there are some surprises thrown in along the way. The main thing to remember is to think out of the box, sounds cliché I know but it really applies in this game.

While playing, it brought some fond memories of those times when we would have to take one of those class placement tests back in elementary school. The only thing missing was the cool bubble sheet and the number 2 pencil. What can I tell you, I was a nerd I’ll admit it!

As if the game wasn’t hard enough, they threw in some bombs to mess with your head just a wee bit more! Sadists!

If you see a bomb in the top right hand corner, you will need to act fast, the timer on the bombs range from 15 seconds to as little as 1 second before they detonate , so be alert, because if the timer on the bomb reaches zero, its game over!

You can easily wipe out a bomb… if you have the right equipment that is. Which leads me into the power-ups in the game (I love a nice, clean segway, don’t you?) There are 2 types of power-ups hidden within the quiz, skips and fusestoppers.

Skips allow you to skip a question, umm duh! There a 3 in all to collect, and once collected they will be shown at the bottom of the screen to be used at anytime. My advice is to use them sparingly and only when you are absolutely, positively stumped because there are 100 questions and only 3 skips!

Fusestoppers are handy in eliminating bombs for ya. These lazy buggers spend most of their time sleeping and will only wake up when they smell a bomb-fuse.

But for a short period of time that they do wake up, clicking on them at the bottom of the screen will take out the bomb and save your game. Just like skips there are only 3 hidden throughout the quiz, so be alert!

My one gripe or “headache” if you will, with the game is that when you fail you are forced start all over again and work your way back up from question 1, which is pretty frustrating to say the least when you have finally, mercifully by the skin of your teeth made it all the way to question…7! Clears throat.

Well, I admitted I was a nerd I never claimed to be smart, y’know!

The graphics are simple, cartoony with an odd hand-drawn style. Certainly nothing that'll make you say "wow, this is beautiful." Cuz it isn't. After all, this is meant to stimulate the brain, not the eyes.

The sounds are o.k., the background music, cute as it is can be a bit too sugary and happy even for me and can get a little monotonous and grating after a while.
Oddly enough, despite not really being a game, “The Impossible Quiz 2” is a really enjoyable game.

If you enjoy mental gymnastics, this is a great sequel to the original “Impossible Quiz”, just don’t go in playing this game with the goal of becoming an ultimate genius or anything because it ain’t gonna happen. For that you have to be cool and stay in school!

Check out "The Impossible Quiz Here"

Graphics B-
Sound B-
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B-

Posted by oxyjen on Sep 10, 2007


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