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 Cuisine King

I came across this nifty new game called �Cuisine King� while checking out, which by the way is looking really great lately! Love the new interface guys.

Be sure to check out their brand new look. Hotness!

So anyway, where were we? Oh yeah �Cuisine King� is a cute new game that mixes together two tried and true gameplay elements- match 2( I know it�s normally match 3 but in this game it�s match 2 okay, just roll with it) and restaurant customer service.

Think �Diner Dash� meets �Collapse.�

I know you�ve probably had your fill with these types of games, but trust me this one really spices things up. C�mon just take a small bite and try it, you know you wanna!

Meet Shomchay, a country boy who has big dreams of becoming the top chef in the� Grandgrand Hotel� one day. But first he must win a contest in order to fulfill his dream. That�s where you come in. Can you help him beat out 9 contenders to pass the test?

It being a restaurant Sims, naturally your goal is to serve as many customers their correct food orders as fast as you can. The customers will appear above a board filled with food items, and their food orders are seen in thought bubbles over their heads.

In �Cuisine King� you don�t earn money for your yummy gourmets, remember it�s a contest; instead you will receive competition points. If your points are higher than your competitors when time is up (90 seconds), you win.

Filling food orders consists of matching 2 or more food-like items. Most of the food icons resemble bowls of noodles and whatnot.

Of course hungry people are typically impatient people, so if they wait too long, they leave and you lose valuable points. Naturally as you would expect in later stages customers will be more demanding and the food orders will begin to come at you at faster speeds.

Don�t get slick and start clicking �willy nilly� all around the board in order to form random matches (I did that in order to see what happens, causing me to lose a round or two. But hey, I�m a professional; let�s leave the risk taking to me shall we!)

So even though it may seem like you are doing great forming matches left and right like a pro, if you serve food that wasn�t requested, you will be penalized.

The penalty is kinda of a �time out� where your cursor is disabled from serving food for awhile, wasting precious time and allowing your competitor to rake up points, beating your score, ultimately winning the contest, becoming the top chef, dashing your hopes, and living out poor Shomchay�s dream! Okay, maybe I am getting overly dramatic here, but you get my drift, right? So just don�t do it!

Charms: after each round that you win you will receive charms to help you out. Each charm has a different affect.

Special Item: as you play you will get a special item. When clicked, it will give you the ability to kick out an especially belligerent and annoying customer.

Su-weet! Kinda like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld! NO SOUP FOR YOU!

The graphics are a little on the simple side, but I liked the anime style look of the characters, and the sound effects are just fine for a game of this type.

�Cuisine King� is a fairly short game, only sporting 9 levels making it perfect for those ultra- casual gameplay moments. Consider it like a quick munchie!

All in all it was easy to get into, fun to play, and it was a nice twist on the puzzle, Sims, match 3(err, 2) concept - worth checking out.

Get Cuisine King Here

Graphics C+
Sound C
Pickup & Play C+
Overall Fun C+

Posted by oxyjen on Aug 3, 2007


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