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 House Of The Dead Overkill-Wii

Ya' know it takes a lot to shock me when it comes to so-called controversial games. That being said, the new game "House of the Dead Overkill" for Nintendo Wii has strippers, exploding infected, blood-thirsty zombies!

Seeing this kind of gore, language and politically incorrect humor on the Wii is weird, it's like hearing a five-year-old curse like a sailor who'd have thought Nintendo's friendly white box had it in it?

Usually when a game tries to be "edgy" it's simply being filled with lots of swearing and gore and not much else. Yes, "House Of The Dead: Overkill" has crazy amounts of swearing and loads of gore, but it's got more. Much, much more!

SideNote: This game is totally more enjoyable when using the Nyko Perfect Shot shotguns. These bad boys are perfect and practically made for a game like this! When the zombies get too close, pistol whip their jaws off or cave in their nasty heads in with the tip of your gun! (Clears throat- sorry I got a lil carried away there!) Who says videogames make you more aggressive''

SideNote: Factoid of the day: they don't call the monsters in House of the Dead ''zombies' as it's disrespectful to the dead in Japan.

Speaking of mutants- the mutants react perfectly to where you shoot them. Get a head shot and they'll go down in one hit, shoot their arms off and they'll hold the stump and keep coming towards you. Shoot them in the legs and you'll slow them down, making them crawl.

Of course, controversy aside, the most important thing is how much fun the game is to play, right? Well, thankfully it doesn't disappoint! It still has the classic "House Of The Dead" feel- loads of mutant zombies, loads of gore and loads of incredibly cheesy voice acting. Presented as novella movies in the style of the recent Grindhouse double feature from Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino

Naturally, the problem with arcade-style shooters is that when you're playing at home and you aren't limited to the amount of quarters you have to put into the thing, the challenge is greatly reduced and you'll find yourself completing the game pretty quickly; since whenever you die you simply get to hit continue (with your score cut in half) and carry on.

This means, if you play from start to finish non-stop, you'll have the game's sevenlevels beaten and seen the end credits in about two or three hours. No joke!

The developers at Headstrong tried to extend the game's replayability though - once you complete the game you unlock a special Director's Cut mode. This mode is a much harder version with many more mutants and a limited number of lives. The levels are also much longer, taking you to newer (and at times grimmer) areas. What's more, if you manage to complete the Director's Cut you then unlock another cool feature that makes the action even more enjoyable-minigames!

What makes "House Of The Dead Overkill" stand out from all the rest (other than its outrageousness of course) is its style. This game acts as a prequel to the other titles and is heavily influenced by the movie grind house style.

It has just about everything you know and love about The House of the Dead in it, from zo- ahem, mutants. Fans of the series will recognize Agent G, who still refuses to tell anyone what the friggin 'G' stands for!

Should you buy House of the Dead: Overkill? Of course you mother fu***ng should! If you're not afraid of swearing, blood sqiurting everywhere, rotting flesh being flung at you and such, that is!

TeHe- good times, good times!

Get House of The Dead OverKill Here

Graphics C
Sound B
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Mar 2, 2009
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