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 Ninja Reflex
This game review was generously donated by Mindchamber, Great Job!

Ok, I just played Nintendo's Wii "Ninja Reflex" last night... here are my impressions:

First the good parts. The art is uncommonly good for a Wii game.. The characters are fluid and well animated. The backgrounds sport an impressive amount of detail, as well as some nice bells and whistles, like bloom effects and depth blurs..

Now for the bad...

If your gut reaction to Ninja Reflex is to call it "Ninja Reflux" then you ain't too far off! The game basically regurgitates a few minigames from the countless minigames already available for the Wii.

The real insult to injury here is there are only 6. That's right! 6 measly,miserable minigames on a 40 dollar disk. It's one thing to say to yourself, well it's a game, and a FUN game, but you are fooling yourself to think 6 minigames warrant a full CD release.

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1)Shuriken- you lock onto targets, then flick your wii remote to toss stars.

2)Hashi- in an attempt to remake the scene from the Karate Kid , you aim the remote and hit the A and B buttons to catch flies with your chopsticks and put them in respective bowls.

3)Koi- follow the movement of koi fish and grab them when they come to the surface.

4)Katana- mimick the positions on screen then swing to strike samurais.

5)Hotaru- be the first to press the A button when you see a firefly (I'm not kidding, just the A button)

6)Nunchaku- make a figure 8 motion with nunchucks then flick the remote down when objects are tossed at you.

And thats all she wrote folks!
What's even sadder is that only 3 of the 6 minigames are actual simultaneous play.The rest of the time you are waiting your turn bored to tears. I really don't know how this was ever released.

You know, you can get a used copy of "Mario Party" or "Rayman" at half the price and get ten times the amount of minigames.

Hell, you can even get "Sonic" for the Wii and get at least 20 minigames aside from the full game.

This would BARELY qualify as a demo on Xbox Live Arcade let alone a whole release.

There's no single player mode, or story mode to speak of... when you start the game you get the option to name yourself using their presets of nouns and adjectives.. I settled on "strange Monkey" and moved on, but putting any thought into it is a complete waste of time as you are reduced to a color to identify yourself on screen anyway.

Aside from a lame attempt at RPG like mediation mode for single player,there is no reason to trudge through this game more than twice, and it almost doesn't deserve a rental, because for the price of a rental you could get a full Xbox Live Arcade game or Wii Arcade game and get back that value tenfold.

This is a horrible path EA is taking... let just hope they don't infiltrate the rest of the Wii market with their half-ass attempts at entertainment.

Get Ninja Reflex Here if you must

Thanks again for the great review Mindchamber

Graphics B+
Sound B+
Pickup & Play A
Overall Fun D-

Posted by oxyjen on Mar 9, 2008


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