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 Feeding Frenzy 2
When I was a kid, I had a fish tank; and in it I had some goldfish. They were cute but they were so small, so I fed them and fed them. You know what I learned? Goldfish don’t get much bigger and if you over feed them they will start swimming upside-down! Not good!, and that my friends, was the end of that. Up until now that is, thanks to “Feeding Frenzy 2”.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there; or rather it’s a fish-eat-fish world out there. Slurp, gulp, and crunch your way all along the Frenzy Coast in “Feeding Frenzy 2”.
Never played the original Feeding Frenzy? Me either, but don’t let that keep you from getting your feet wet. I was able to figure out and get frenzied within a matter of seconds. While it might seem like a fishing game, it’s not; it is a simulation of life as a tiny fish in the big blue ocean.

Something fishy is going on at the moment. The ocean is in a state of chaos , some fish are missing and others are out of place. So dive right in the water's nice and warm, it's up to our little fishy to uncover the cause of all this and make things ph balanced again.
“Feeding Frenzy 2” has a simple objective,eat (much like a typical day in the life of a fish) start as a small fish and eat smaller fish to become a big fish but don't get eaten by a fish that's bigger than you. That, in an oyster shell, is what “Feeding Frenzy 2” is.

It starts off slowly but once the virtual tank starts filling with sharks, and weird spiky fish thingys that I can't be bothered finding out the name of, it's a really fun game. Your “weapon” is your empty belly but don't worry there’s no blood, guts or gore as you gobble up smaller fish.
Eat enough fish at one time and receive a “school bonus” keep right on eating to receive frenzy bonuses such as double frenzy, triple frenzy,” super frenzy, and mega frenzy. Get your eat on, it's a low cal, low carb smorgasbord down there!

But don’t get too attached to your cute lil angel fish, because he will go through a lot of changes (they grow up so quickly, don’t they?) The lengthy story mode will have you taking on the role of 6 different kinds of fish, throughout 60 levels. Giving us lots of opportunity to perform random acts of codness!
You'll go on to play a Lion Fish, an Angler and finally Orville the Orca, until you become top of the aquatic food chain. In later levels we will come across way more fish, which means more opportunity to be eaten by new predators like jellyfish that stun, and green minnows that poison us temporarily.

As you swim around you will find and gobble power-ups that give you special powers, such as a lightning bolt that gives you super speed, mushrooms that shrink fish so you can eat them all in one bite, and a rare quick goldfish that, when eaten, automatically boosts you up to a larger fish size. There are obstacles to avoid and they aren’t just bigger fish – there are also mines that explode on contact, hungry above-water pelicans and dangerous plankton (no relation to Spongebobs buddy.)
Always remember to never bite off more than you can chew, until you get big enough to eat the Killer Whales, that is. Yes, you heard me, Killer Whales!

Along the way you also are awarded with bonus levels where you have to complete a certain goal in a given amount of time. The one that I thought was the most fun was where you get to jump out of the water and attempt to catch as many bugsas you can, doing flips in the air for style points was great too, but watch out for those pesky pelicans, they’ll scoop you up in mid-air. Other extras include all you can eat bonus stages without having to avoid any pesky predators.
Hey, did you know that tuna can swim up to 50 miles per hour? Or that a parrot fish can change its gender? Feeding Frenzy 2 includes fascinating fish facts like these - one between each game level.

“Feeding Frenzy 2” doesn't tread too far from what made the original game a splash, but adds some new features for the enjoyment of seasoned fans as well as newbie players like me.
I think the main reason this game is so popular is how easy the game is to control. You don't need to press any buttons at all - instead you control your aquatic munching machine just by moving the mouse around; push left and your fish moves in that direction, or pull back on the mouse and your fish dives to the ocean floor.

“Feeding Frenzy 2” has the most beautiful graphics I’ve seen in quite a while from an online game. The big, bright and colorful underwater worlds were gorgeous, and the fish character designs were cute. It definitely has a “Finding Nemo” vibe to it but unlike most games that appeal to both kids and adults; this game has great depth and never comes off shallow. Each level is unique in its own way; expect to encounter squids, herrings, dolphins, and mermaids along your journey.

Playing “Feeding Frenzy 2” is very hypnotic, the movement of your fish, is calming, and soothing. You will find yourself coming back to it, mostly out of curiosity to see what sort of fish you'll turn into next and what you'll be able to eat.
Play just for the halibut, it will have you hooked, line and sinker!

Get Feeding Frenzy 2 Here

Graphics A+
Sound B
Pickup & Play A
Overall Fun A

Posted by oxyjen on Dec 27, 2006


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