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 Death Row Diner
Grab your hairnets!
Being a lunch lady must suck!
But you know what's even suckier? Being a lunch lady for inmates on death row! A new game from Cartoon Network/Adult Swim's "called Death Row Diner" lets you live the dream.
So get ready to feed those inmates! Bus those tables! Wash those dishes! Mop up that spilled blood! And make it snappy!
The life of a death row lunch lady is never boring.

Soup To Die For
When a group of inmates comes up to the counter, you simply click on the pot of food, and serve the brutes. You then click on them again, click on a table to seat them.
After the inmates have finished eating, you click on them again to take the food trays, and then click the sink to wash them off.

Some inmates require a bit more food. After eating their regular meal, some of the men may want meat, such as chicken legs or hamburgers, which is shown with a thought bubble over their heads.
If you donít serve them quick enough, they get angry, very angry! In fact they all begin fighting and
you'll have a riot on your hands.
There are also two gangs of prisoners, each gang wears a different color, and you'll have to make sure they aren't seated at the same table or else!

So if you don't get there in time, well, let's just say that not everyone will be making it back from lunch!

Unlike in games like "Diner Dash", in "Death Row Diner" you don't have to worry about getting a certain high score to beat a level. All you need to do is to make sure that your shift ends with less than 3 deaths.

But how do you as a silver fox little old lady stop convicted murderers from killing each other? Why whacking them upside the head with your wooden spoon of course! Oh, and after all is said and done youíll have to mop up all the blood left behind because the other inmates will want to sit down and eat at the table.

"Death Row Diner" isn't geared for young gamers and doesn't pretend to be, besides the blood and violence you can pass out porno magazines to keep the inmates occupied while you juggle all the kitchen craziness.
And trust me, you'll need it. Keeping everyone civilized will really be necessary when the prison warden decides to grab a quick bite for himself and check up on things.

Despite its edgy storyline, "Death Row Diner" is a bit on the straightforward side. At the end of the day, it's really just your run-of-the-mill food-serving, table-busing, dish-washing clickfest.
A little more variety would've been nice,you're constantly feeding the same prisoners the same food in the same cafeteria the whole time.

But I'll cut them some slack.
Any game made by a company that specializes in cartoon shows and not in games should be appreciated.

Sure, the customers will occasionally try to kill each other, but ya know in the end mopping up blood is a lot like mopping up anything else.

Play Death Row Diner Here

Graphics C
Sound C
Pickup & Play B-
Overall Fun C

Posted by oxyjen on Sep 18, 2010


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