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 Hotdog Hotshot
Let me ask you, who WOULDN'T want to be a hot dog vendor?
You get to be your own boss, you meet some pretty interesting people, you to get work outdoors. Anyway, you get the idea.

Well "Hotdog Hotshot" a new time management game by developer Sweet Tooth Games lets you put that desire to fry up some Oscar Meyers to the test.

SideNote: Some gamers might recognize this game, it's actually adapted from a Flash game featured on back in 2007 called "Hot Dog Bush."
Although dated now, the tongue in cheek premise at the time was based on the question "What kind of job will George Dubya Bush be capable of doing when he finally leaves the White House"? In the game he got to try and manage a hot dog stand.
The premise for this game is pretty much identical gameplay. A live reality show is taking place on the streets of New York with a competition to win the Golden Hotdog Award. As one of the contestants, you must prove yourself to be the hot dog making champ, or just another wiener.

A customer walks up, places an order through a thought bubble above their heads and you have to fix that order before the customer gets peeved and walks away. Click, drag and drop with your mouse to pick up, place and serve food to customers.
Remember, you have to wait till the hot dogs, burgers, onions and fries are done before you can serve. The items will flash (glow) when ready. It's trickier to get them off let's say if a customer suddenly leaves in a huff however.

Meals that can be prepared include burgers with various ingredients, hotdogs (of course), fries, different beverages, and deep-fried corn. You'll have to prepare a lot of stuff in advance to keep up with the orders of incoming customers, which can become pretty chaotic and fast paced.

Don’t wait too long, or the items will burn. Serve raw or burnt food and you’ll be penalized. Also another way to keep things moving quicker in hectic levels is to pick up the money from the counter to clear the way for new customers.

Keep your eye on the clock you only have limited time to meet your daily goals. Keep your customers happy and they’ll reward you with more cash.
There are times when a customer has "My usual" in their thought bubble which challenges you to remember what they usually order. This may sound tricky but it can actually be helpful as well as challenging. If you know their usual you can prepare it in advance.

Even though "HotDog Hotshot" is pretty much the same old formula we've all played before, I still found it an entertaining time waster.There are a few little obstacles thrown that I liked, such as thieves that will try and take any money that stays on the counter for a bit too long.
Not only are there pesky thieves, there are also customers that "forgot"(yeah right!) to pay and leave whistling.

Fancy having fun serving grumpy New Yorkers, I wonder why it didn't work out for George Dubya though.

Get Hotdog Hotshot Here

Graphics C
Sound C
Pickup & Play C
Overall Fun C

Posted by oxyjen on Aug 24, 2010
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