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 Gardening Mama DS
Yoo-hoo! I�m back! So, did ya hear of this new DS game called �Gardening Mama� No, not �Cooking Mama�, I said �Gardening Mama.�

I know there are those of you out already rolling your eyes but in the spirit of Earth Day, stay with me ok?

Mama trades in her spatula for a watering can and shovel! You create a garden from the seed up, using the DS stylus. In fact, nothing in this game requires more than a quick swish of your stylus; which makes it perfect for younger and/or casual gamers.

Gardening? Huh? Well I guess with the economy being the way it is, Mama�s got to get out of the kitchen and �learn� herself some new skills. Like farming, apparently! Moving on.

So here we have "Gardening Mama" a new spin on the franchise that replaces vegetable chopping with weed pulling, salt shaking with soil spreading, and dropping vinegar into a beaker with� umm �dropping plant food into a beaker!

What? Doesn�t sound like much fun to you? Look I know gardening doesn�t sound like the most exciting of hobbies but it was (at times.) I gotta say to the game�s credit, the new �go green� gardening premise was interesting.

It�s not all about pulling weeds and mixing fertilizer though, you will also have the opportunity to produce items from the plants you�ve grown (for example, grow strawberries to make jam or grow pumpkins and then carve a jack-o �lantern.)

SideNote: Hmm, maybe now when I water my plants in real life a shining rainbow will burst out behind it!

As much as I love dear sweet Mama this is where I am going to get a lil rough on the old gal; there are many different gardens you have to tend to in this game-too many in fact. And within those gardens you have multiple plants, fruits and vegetables. Each time you tend to one of these you�ll get a message that another plant, vegetable or fruit needs some love. �Oy vey, sorry wilting roses I must go help the rotting tomatoes!� Simply put you can never truly do what you want in this game because you are constantly being forced away by needy produce!

On the plus side you get more bang for your buck, �Gardening Mama� isn�t just a game for one; you can now share it with your friends. Gardening Mama has a single-card multiplayer mode which allows you to go head to head with other green-fingered friends. The task is simple enough; you and a friend race against each other to see who can complete the gardening chores the fastest.

After all these years, Mama is still a charmer. If you fail a challenge, she's there with a quick word of encouragement spoken in a nearly unintelligible Japanese accent. �Don�t worry Mama will �elp you�

As advertised on the back of the box, you can also �decorate your garden and dress up Mama to your liking!�

So was it a blooming tons of fun? Well, yes and no. I have to say it was a cute, fun game but nothing I couldn�t put down after about 20 minutes or so. But after years spent slaving away in a hot kitchen, poor Mama was long overdue for some outside time I guess; so it was all worth it

Get Gardening Mama Here

Graphics B
Sound B-
Pickup & Play B-
Overall Fun B-

Posted by oxyjen on Apr 19, 2009
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