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  (Twisted) Cooking Mama-Mama Kills Animals
Hey guess what I came across while I was on the other day? It's a twisted new game called "Cooking Mama-Mama Kills Animals.

It's Thanksgiving time. And we all know what that means-time for some yummy, delicious turkey eatin'. Well, for the folks at PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) it means millions of dead turkeys!

I guess after putting out a game such as "Super Chick Sisters", PETA figured why stop there-why not subject the world to another twisted, attention grabbing stunt. They have created a flash minigame montage, subtly called "Cooking Mama- Mama Kills Animals." In what they like to refer to 'edutaining,"entertaining and educating. You know you've made the middle-big time when you're being protested by PETA!

Mama doesn't actually kill any animals. She plucks, beheads, stuffs and cooks a turkey leaving its bloody carcass on the plate before moving onto the make what looks like quite a yummy giblet gravy. (Slurp) Players need to go for the top rank of "Meaner than Mama" in each minigame.

Along the way, you are reminded about how turkeys are mistreated and raised in cruel conditions. offers you the chance to watch a video of turkeys being slaughtered. Because, you know, we all want to see that.

In one level, players are asked to slaughter a delicious turkey but pulling out it's intestines and then decapitating it. Hello! What's the big deal? We’ve all seen this before- it’s called a finishing move.

Look, I'm a pretty big fan of animals (usually medium rare) but I have to admit that despite the gory subject matter this game is nothing short of hilarious! Ramming cartoony looking stuffing that looks more like a cats hairball into the butt of a mutilated turkey is a most unique experience. And being screamed at by a blood-drenched Mama for not being mean enough to the birds just never gets tired! Ever!

But unfortunately for PETA, their message does. The minute the game told me Cooking Mama had learned the error of her ways and instructed me to "make tofurkey instead,"(Yawn) I quit. SideNote:You'd think after killing an animal, the LEAST you can do is eat it, right Otherwise it's wasteful, and completely pointless

Now can you please pass the drumsticks? Thanks.

Get Cooking Mama Kills Animals Here

Posted by oxyjen on Nov 23, 2008
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