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 GirlieGamer Gets Inked!
Well..It's been a while since I blogged...I mean since I really blogged...wrote something personal about me LOL but here I am! Ready to dish, so sit down and stay awhile we got a lot of catching up to do!

So I finally did it folks! I went to get a tattoo last weekend after about 1- 2 years thinking about it.

Why I decided to get a tattoo?

Tattoos have always fascinated me, I've always admired other peoples beautiful body artwork; whenever I see one I try and chat the person up - "Does it hurt?", "How long have you had it?"etc. I'm not impressed with the run of the mill barbed wire, hearts, and stars here. No, I'm talking about the custom designed ones that represent a special "something" to them.

SideNote: Getting a tattoo of a beer logo or favorite computer brand totally bewilder me! But to each his own, they gotta explain it to their grandkids someday not me! Don't even ask me what I think of that chick off to the right, getting her forehead tattooed with a casinos name for $10,000.

$10,000! that's it?!

That being said, of course I got the GirlieGamer logo! She's my girl, she's my alter-ego and now you could say we're joined at the hip!

Where did I get the tattoo?

The hip. Right on the bone. Ouch!

I’ll be the first to admit it I was a bit nervous as I had no idea what kind of pain to expect.
Now everyone I've talked to about getting a tattoo told me “Oh, it’s not that it hurts per say, it’s more of an awkward, burning feeling”.
Well they are all liars! The first 5 minutes hurt like a sonofabitch, but after that I'll admit, it wasn’t so bad.

Some people say that the pain involved fades into the background after a minute as you get used to it. It didn't for me. The relatively minimal to occasionally moderate pain I felt was the same from the first moment to the last. How much pain? Certainly not excruciating or gut wrenching but more than I expected. Enough, from time to time, to make me wince.

I was somewhat surprised with how slightly boring getting a tattoo can be.
At first it was this big exciting thing happening in my life, but it kinda gets old-quick.
After about 20 minutes or so watching a dude etch a sketch on my hip..I was a lil bored.
Sure there was small talk, mostly me trying to talk to him because I was still a bit nervous and him trying to ignore me and concentrate on not messing up my hip forever.
I then proceeded to gab incessantly to my boyfriend who was there for moral support and to hold me hand (wuss).
He's also the artist and designed GirlieGamer so I had an better reason for asking him to come!
But after about 10 minutes the nice tattoo artist Scott politely asked me to stop talking altogether because it was making my stomach rise and fall. (Sticks out tongue!) Ho hum.

SideNote:You'd think that with all the money they charge to do this to you, they could hook you up with some cable TV or a DVD to watch or something right?

My advice to anyone getting a first tattoo, is don't worry about anything except what you really want it to look like in the end. If your decision is based on how much of a wimp you are, you won't be happy with the finished product. And tattoos are forever!

How did it all turn out?

I am now "inked" and I am thrilledwith the final product?
What do you think of the result?

Now the only question is "Where is the next one going to go"?

Posted by oxyjen on Sep 21, 2008
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