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I went to see "Hancock" the other day and I still don't know what to make of it.

I figure it's easier to just give a synopsis rather than some kinda of professional sounding review. So here goes: It's about a guy or superhero or, anti-superhero if you will, named Hancock (Will Smith.)Will Smith is supposed to come off as the rudest, smelliest hero America has ever seen. But I gotta tell ya Smith always looked like an underdressed movie star even with a grungy wool cap, five-o’clock shadow and bloodshot eyes, but anyway.

Will & Disgrace

Hancock can pinky-lift tractor-trailers, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and bounce bullets off his chest, basically all that Superman stuff - and yet the public hates him for all the destruction he does while saving the world. Ya ' know no one complains about damage when Superman bangs up a few things! The residents of Gotham City never file lawsuits against Batman if he wrecks a few cars in pursuit of the Joker. For Hancock, though, fighting crime is a different story, maybe because he tends to fly to the rescue holding a bottle of whiskey.

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Then one day Hancock saves Ray (Jason Bateman), some sort of image consultant/PR guy who insists on repaying the favor by sprucing up Hancock's bad reputation.

So the PR whiz brings Hancock home to dinner to meet his wife, Mary (Charlize Theron), and son. The first time she meets him, Mary gives Hancock an odd, penetrating look. Also the 2nd time as well as the 3rd time. ok,ok already.We get it! They have some kind of a history together. But Hancock doesn't’t know about it, and Mary’s not talking. And neither am I on that subject, or there would be mucho spoilers! Moving on.

After a somewhat confusing revelation ( I was scratching my head a little afterwards-still am) of a character in the movie, the whole tone changes and it felt like two different movies pieced together;a mishmash of story lines. In short, the whole premises gets pretty screwy.

But I just realized something. None of this matters.

A critique of "Hancock" is irrelevant . It opened on 4th of July weekend, and that means a Will Smith movie! Since 1996, Smith the rules this box office weekend. He is the man. Whether he's a Fresh Prince, a Bad Boy, a Man in Black, Muhammad Ali, a dad pursuing happiness, the last man alive in New York City. He shows up, we line up. So it's all good!

Rated PG 13

Posted by oxyjen on Jul 13, 2008


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