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 Wedding Dash 2- Rings Around the World

Sequels! Blech! The dirtiest word in the movie/ gaming business.

All successful games have sequels. And by now you all know how I feel about sequels, right? That's right, it's been awhile but say it with me "rehash and rewind"! Be sure to check out my first "Wedding Dash" review here

I know most game sequels tend to look and play similar to it's predecessors, but PlayFirst's "Wedding Dash 2" really takes the cake! Pardon the pun. This game is practically identical to the original! To some RTS fans out there this might be just fine, but to others, including yours truly, there is little here to make you want to stay for the whole reception.

Ready for that once in a lifetime special day...again? The sub-story goes something like this; Quinn, is contacted by a no-nonsense billionaire (think Donald Trump) at the beginning of "Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World", he says he's been following her success and invites her to compete against other wedding planners in a new reality TV-style contest to see who's best. The winner will have the honor of planning his daughter's exclusive wedding.

Just like last year's game, "Wedding Dash 2" has Quinn (a bridesmaid-turned-wedding planner specialist) to take care of guests at a wedding. This includes seating guests where they want (or don't want) at a table, serving them food (appetizers, main courses and cake), taking gifts from guests and handing them to the bride and groom. As well as taking care of "incidences". Such as shooing away pigeons who get too close to the chef, or performing the Heimlich maneuver on choking guests (poor Uncle Charles, can't we get him a puree instead?") and oh yeah, dealing with bratty, screaming kids.

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As the competition heats up there are "acts of sabotage" from the other competitors, such as a waitress who calls out at the very last minute with a broken leg, food tampering and stolen tables. A new character, a photographer Joe Wright, takes photos of guests at the wedding, and once in a while Quinn's friend, Flo, from Diner Dash (what? you're surprised!), will help out too.

The seating strategy is similar to the one in Diner Dash, but in this game there are no color bonuses to help you with the score. Instead, you must pay attention to the thought bubbles above the guests' heads to see where and how they want to be seated. For example, twins have to sit together and so do moms and daughters. No one really wants to sit near the aunt that gossips a lot, everyone wants to sit near that celebrity cousin or good-looking guy, the drunken guest annoys people around him, the girls usually don't want to sit near the old men, and a lot of people will also have preference for a certain table.

You will need to juggle guests and seats, managing them the best way possible in order to accomplish enough chains to meet your daily goal. Chains? Sure there are chain bonuses. What would any self-respecting RTS game wouldn't have chains?!

This means your waitress should be carrying two deserts instead of one, bringing two gifts to the bride and groom, chaining two photos to be taken at the same time and so on and so forth.

SideNote: To all you southpaws out there (myself included), I noticed something while playing WD2 that I didn't catch in the first game- Quinn is a lefty!

Different kinds of guests will arrive, too, such as slow-eating seniors, gorgeous women everyone wants to sit beside, a mother and daughter who need to sit side-by-side, young men looking for love, dysfunctional twins, drunk uncles and social butterflies. Wedding Dash players might remember the bawling Aunt Ethel, who is also back again.

SideNote:For some strange reason you have to click the guests body for it to register a response, not the speech bubble. Odd. It would have made more sense if you could also click on their speech bubble as well.

Where WD2 really stands out is in the variety. The variety of locations, the wedding couple, the quirky guests, the potential disasters and the funny comments from the couple every once in awhile really keep the game moving,

That being said, in the end I would have to say "Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World" isn't a bad game. That's because it's basically the same exact game as the original and those expecting more might want decline the invitation to this affair.

Get Wedding Dash 2 Here

Wedding Dash 2 Tips and Tricks:

-The most important thing is to seat the guests next to whomever they ask to sit with. The more guests you seat correctly, the bigger the bonus. You won’t be able to pass the harder levels without doing this correctly.

- Whatever you do take care of any wedding disasters before the bride sees it. Trust me you don't want a bridezilla on your hands!

-Have Faith in Chains! Earn chaining bonuses by doing two of the sane actions in a row.

-Don’t seat guests right away. Wait until the room is full before seating the guests. Let a few arrive so you can understand their seating preferences better.

-By level 5, you’ll need to wait until the room is full to maximize chains. Keep people waiting in line, but give them champagne to keep them happy. Deliver all the gifts at once, and then start serving the appetizers followed by the entrees and desserts. Even if someone is ready for the next course before you finish, let them wait so that you do not break up the chain of events.

-By keeping the guests happy, the bride and groom stay happy.

-Always sit popular Chloe in the middle of the table. Always put Uncle Ernie and snobby Betty at the end of the table.

-Anticipate what the guests will need and have it waiting.

Graphics B
Sound B
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B-

Posted by oxyjen on May 25, 2008
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