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 Hot Dog Bush

Hey guess what I came across while I was on the other day? It's a cute new game called "Hot Dog Bush"!

Have you ever wondered what President George "Dubya" Bush will be doing once he leaves the White House in 2008? Oh, just nod your head yes like a good little American even if you never gave it much thought okay! Clears Throat. I guess the folks at 2D Play wondered as well and they decided he will be busy running a hot dog stand in the city that never sleeps - New York!

In this totally addictive, deliciously fast-paced time management game – you must help the President cook and serve up sizzling hot dogs and other food items to all kinds of customers. Start in the Bronx and move on up to Wall St. all while trying to meet the daily cash goals. Chomp down on hours of fun in 5 different locations and guess what? They’ve even super-sized the game with a surprise location! Are you up for the challenge my fellow Americans because Uncle George wants YOU!

"HotDogs!! Get Your Yummy HotDogs Right Here!! HotDogs!! "

Hot dogs, frankfurters, wieners whatever you call them, you gotta admit there’s nothing more American right? SideNote: I’m from New York and we affectionately call hotdogs sold on the street “dirty water dogs.”

“Hot Dog Bush” mixes the strategic, the simulation, the diner, and the tycoon all together. Click, drag and drop using your mouse to pick up, place and serve food to customers. You must wait till the food is done before you serve. The items will flash when ready.

The game starts out simple enough but after only a few minutes of putting together hotdog after hotdog, it starts throwing curve balls at you by adding more food choices such as burgers, fries and whatever else that stuff is. (I DO NOT want to know!) Of course, your patrons aren't the most patient people in the world; this is after all New York! The longer you take to make it the less and less money they'll give you.

So what does “Hot Dog Bush” have to offer that’s new and improved over all the other food service type games? Um, let’s see…err, oh yeah!, that’s not new…wait I got it! No, that’s not it either!

Okay, so “Hot Dog Bush” doesn’t offer anything new to the genre but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as it’s well done, right? The graphics are well drawn, the caricature of President Bush is hilarious and it really looks like Bush; and the customers all have some great, unique, quirky facial expressions. Overall the game looks very polished.

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One nice thing about the game is that you can prepare food items ahead of time. But stay alert and always keep your eye on the grub because if the stuff is left on the grill too long just like in the real world, it will start to burn. And now we come to the bad, so where are all the tasty little chain bonuses we casual gamers so love to rack up when we do multiple actions? I know Bush is a Republican and all but I’m pretty darn sure he’s capable of doing more than one thing at once.

Nonetheless, it’s pretty challenging, so get ready to work your buns off and have fun doing it; because in this land of opportunity all you need is a greasy sodium and nitrate-loaded food product and a dream to be successful. Relish the experience!

Hot Dog Trivia

-Mickey Mouse's first spoken words were "Hot dog, hot dog."

-Sonic the Hedgehog’s favorite food is a chili dog.

- The most popular hot dog topping among adults is mustard (87.6%). Among children, it’s ketchup.

-The most popular hot dog toppings by state:
New York - Mustard
Chicago - Cucumber, Tomato, Pickle, Onion, Pickle Relish
Los Angeles - Mayonnaise, Cheese.

-The average hot dog is consumed in 6.1 bites (average sized mouth tested).

-Babe Ruth once ate 12 hot dogs between games of a double header. He was rushed to the hospital after the game with a severe case of indigestion.

Get your serving of Hot Dog Bush Here

Graphics B
Sound B-
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Dec 17, 2007


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