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 Fever Frenzy

I’m not a doctor but I play one on my computer.

I hope you're not "sick" of Diner Dash-like micromanagement service-style type games by now because guess what, there’s been a new outbreak! This time with a medical twist called “Fever Frenzy.

Released by Legacy Interactive, which is known for their realistic medical games such as “Pet Pals: Animal Doctor”, but umm “Fever Frenzy” is anything but a realistic medical game, in fact this is a horse of a different color!

Cure patients with mad cow disease, baboonic plague, bipolarbear disorder, mother goose bumps, and 3rd degree sideburns! Your job is to cure as many sick and impatient patients as you can while racking up exuberant medical expenses… err, I mean points to complete the level.

The game takes place in 4 different medical settings - a busy city hospital, children's hospital, a jungle clinic, and mental ward, each ending with a DNA minigame.

In the first city hospital, your duties include dragging and dropping wacky patients from the waiting area to the registration and diagnosis area. Once their admitted you must give them an available bed and wait on them. They will need their temperatures taken, and require medicine. Much in the same way as bringing the written food orders to the cook in Diner Dash, this involves you bringing a written prescription to a nurse in another area so that she can prepare the needed pills and whatnot.

While you are waiting for her to prepare the RX’s you can give them energy drinks to keep them happy and finally clean their beds and empty bedpans when they're discharged. Bonus points are awarded for chaining two or more of the same actions together or matching a patient's pajama color with a bed of the same color. Bonus points are given for fast speeds.

If a patient is left untreated for too long at any point between admission and recovery, they will die.

Hey, whatcha gonna do? It’s the circle of life. But sometimes they will just get up and leave your hospital without paying their bill, which is a fate worst than death if you ask me. Medical School loans don’t pay for themselves you know!

* Tackle 4 different hospital settings
* Search for a cure in the DNA minigame
* Customize one of two characters- Charlie or Hannah
* Conquer 40 wacky levels

Don’t expect to see normal patients during your residency because there is a strange affliction going around. All of your patients were mysteriously turned into odd creatures, such as a cow’s head on a human body (mad cow disease), a horse (a hoarse throat) or a straw man (hay fever). Every time you cure someone you can see them transform out of their ailment and into healthiness. The patients suffering from mad cow come in with horns coming out of their head. Once they get the proper medication, the horns will disappear, and they will transform back to people again.

And then they moove on (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself!)

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There is also the occasional celebrity that will come into your hospital seeking treatment, (funny, I didn’t realize this medical establishment was also a Rehab Center, hmm). They are a bit more demanding but they wind end up paying more money. Be right with you, Ms. Lohan.

At the end of each day you can upgrade your character, you can purchase a better stethoscope, faster shoes more charisma (make your character more patience with your patients, in other words give your character a good bedside manner) and better drugs.

While it isn’t deep or original by any means, “Fever Frenzy” turned out to be fun and just what the doctor ordered for my cabin fever!

Tips & Tricks

·Believe it or not, on certain levels it is ok if you lose a few patients.

·You’ll still be able to get an expert score, even if a few of your patients leave.

·Get extra points by matching the patients' pajamas to the color of the sheets.

·When placing the patients in the matching beds, look for a number with an x marked next to it. For example, "3x " next to the bed means that you get bonus points for making an extra match on this bed but it also means that you must match people to this bed 3 times.

·Do things in pairs (chaining) in order to finish with a higher score. Wait until you have 4 patients waiting for a bed and then place them all at the same time. That way you can treat them, give their medications and discharge them all at the same time.

·There are times that trying to make too many matches will not help you. When there are too many patients in the waiting room and you have to get them out quickly it is better not to spend too much of your time making matches. Treat them as fast as possible and send them home.

·The hearts on the side of a patient determines how well you are doing at treating them. If their hearts get lower, you are not serving them as quickly as you need to.

·Take the patients that have less hearts for treatment first. You’ll want to get them treated before they lose patience and expire.

Good luck out there doctor, and always remember “to treat the sick with all measures that are required”, you took an oath.

Get Fever Frenzy Here

Graphics A
Sound B
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Jul 29, 2007


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