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 Shopping Marathon
We live in a society that celebrates spending and credit, add that to our desire to constantly keep up with the Jones, is it any wonder that many people buy more than they can really afford?
For some, however, there is more going on than occasionally over spending or merely trying to keep up with the Jones. Studies indicate that as many as 1 in 12 people in the US suffer from a compulsive shopping disorder (shopaholics).
Wow, what a staggering statistic! If you or someone you know is suffering from CSD there is help:
For more information about the treatment of compulsive shopping, call the Impulse Control Disorders Clinic at 612-627-4879.

But the good news is you won’t have to give up shopping “cold turkey” with the new game out now called “Shopping Marathon”. It lets you shop till you drop without any real risk of going bankrupt.
However I must tell you once you start you just can’t stop. It is that addictive (except in a whole different way), just something to stop and think about before playing though. You’ve been warned!

• More than 100 products to buy
• Play Marathon or Collector Mode
•Over 70 levels to complete
• Go on a spree with your Prestige card.
• Earn shopping coupons and bonus cash.
• Win rewards as an Ultimate Shopper

Indulge yourself with a fun, fantastic shopping experience
Shop any way you like but spend wisely by comparing prices and enjoying terrific discounts. Play Marathon Mode and discover the joy of saving and finding the right bargains, or play Collector Mode to buy some selected items and put them into your collection.

The game is basically "Bubble Bobble" with some "Slingo"mixed in. If you have ever played "Bubble Bobble" or "Bust-A-Move" you will be familiar with the shooting mechanism. Using your small cannon at the bottom of the screen, you'll fire coins at a mess o' items at the top the screen. Confused? (See screenshots off to your right)

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The object of the game is to buy the goal amount of goodies within your given allowance. You will be given a “Things to Buy” List at the beginning of each round. You cannot spend more than you have of course, and that’s where the strategy comes in.

There were a couple of minor qualms I had with the game; for one, it lacked any real storyline or main character to bond with. Well what about that cute little girl on the cover? You might be asking yourself, y'know even after playing the game for hours (I told you it was addictive) I still have no idea who she was, she never formally introduced herself. She just showed up in the tutorial and periodically within the gameplay.
It’s a shame really I bet we could have been really good friends too.

Secondly, you are given 3 three chances to complete each level and don't get me wrong I don’t have a problem with that. It seems fair enough, three strikes you’re out and all that jazz it’s just that when you fail for the third time, it starts all over again to the very beginning! I think I must have had to restart no less than 5 times by the time I got the hang of it, no joke. Very frustrating, why couldn’t they have just let you start over from where you failed?

All in all though I did enjoy "Shopping Marathon", the graphics were really what drew me to this gamein the first place and it is what kept me playing. Yes, they are that good, you really have to see it to believe it.

So find out if you are savvy shopper that likes to compare prices and save big on terrific bargains or one that spends lavishly on the good things in life.

Whatever your shopping style, you won’t come home empty-handed in this shopping frenzy!

Get Shopping Marathon Here

Posted by oxyjen on Mar 27, 2007


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