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 Burger Rush
We live in a health conscious society nowadays- we are willing to sacrifice taste and enjoyment in our constant quest to find meals that are low fat, low calorie, and low carb.

But not Heidi, oh no not Heidi. You see Heidi obsesses about burgers! She has been captivated by the bovine between the bun all her life.
After graduating at the head of her class from the exclusive International Culinary Academy, and instead of going to work at a famous high-end restaurant, she decides to start her own burger joint to prove to the world that burgers can be fine cuisine too.
Her mother must be so proud!

In Burger Rush, you'll help Heidi realize her dream of creating low-fat, delicious burgers and spreading the burger gospel.
Think of Burger Rush as a cross between Stand O' Food and Bejeweled with a lil bit of Teddy Tavern and Diner Dash thrown in for good measure.

Gratuitous Self Promotion: Be sure to check out my reviews of all of these great games!

Grits, coffee, cakes, flowers, and now hamburgers, ah the thrill of playing of food service industry jobs continues! It’s good to see that when people get home from the daily grind of their day jobs, they still want to unwind by strapping on an apron and getting down to business!

Y’know if I had a dollar for every time I wrote the words “original twist a traditional match 3 gameplay”- I’d be a rich woman by now. But in the case of this game, I mean it! Adding the match 3 element to the restaurant sim experience was a great touch- I flipped the first time I played it.
This truly is an original twist on traditional match 3 gameplay and deserves some kudos for beating a dead horse (or in this case a cow!) really well. Yeah I know that analogy was a little weak but I stand behind it.

Swap and slide burgers, cheese, tomatoes and other essential fixings to make groups of 3 or more and fill your customers' mouth-watering orders.
Like Stand O' Food, you must serve the various customers that come into the restaurant by creating the specific burger that they order. To create the burger, you'll need to match a certain number of ingredients on a grid that resembles a Bejeweled board but instead of jewels its things like beef, chicken, lettuce, ketchup and tomatoes.

For example, if a customer comes in and places an order for a burger that needs, 7 beef patties,7 lettuce and 9 tomato, you'll have to match that many of each ingredient in the grid to fill the order. The good thing is you can have up to 4 orders waiting to be filled at the same time, and if you've filled all of a certain ingredient for the first burger, any matches that you make will automatically start to fill the second order in line, and so on and so forth.
Once a burger is ready, you will have to click on it to serve it to the customer, and then click on the money that the customer leaves behind to complete the order. You can increase the monetary value of an order by adding a soda or a side of french fries to it - these extras are added after a few levels.

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Like all food service management games, time is a factor in Burger Rush. Customers are starving which means they are short on patience, and if you take too long preparing their food they'll start to get antsy (which means less of a tip for you), and some may even storm out. Hungry people sure are a cranky bunch! You can feed treats like lollipops, and cookies to huffy customers to get them to wait a bit longer.

Unfortunately unlike most restaurant games, Burger Rush never gives you the opportunity to upgrade any of your restaurant establishments. I guess there really isn't a need because the game grid does take up the better part of the screen. But still, it would have been nice anyway; I have always enjoyed that little extra in other games.

Depending on how well you are playing you are awarded tokens that can be used to purchase things at the Burger Shop. Such as new burger recipes, more treats, extra lives, and upgrades to the soda and fry machines for improved flavor and faster cooking.

Despite the fact that there are only up to 4 customers in the store at one time, Burger Rush is still keeps you on your toes because it takes a bit more effort to create the custom burger order than simply clicking on the necessary ingredients with the mouse; once again thanks to the added match 3 element.

Speaking of customers they had to be, hands down, my favorite part of the whole game. All the eclectic customers that came into the shops were great; ranging from the usual clientele to the totally outrageous, such as businesswomen, cheerleaders, construction workers, grandmothers and astronauts in spacesuits.
Too funny! And totally freakin’ unbelievable right!? I mean c’mon, have you ever?! How weird and zany is that? Gandmothers!
Everybody knows grandmothers live on a diet of oat bran and prune juice and would never ever dream of ordering a greasy medium rare burger deluxe with extra onions!Thank you very much.

(Psst, Don’t worry grandma, your secret’s safe with me)

With your help Heidi will expand her burger empire from the rundown shack she started off with to spiffier restaurants like a retro 50’s diner, a tiki hut, and later on to even more wild and wacky locations like an underwater adventure to outer space! (well now, that explains the astronauts.)

There are 10 different types of customers in all, from nerds (they are called geeky programmers here) to cranky French mimes (tres bien) to Elvis impersonators (I swear I kept expecting one of them to order a banana and marshmallow burger at any minute!)
Each has their own set of hysterical animations and sounds, for example when the nerd is getting impatient, he will suddenly pull out a Star Wars light saber and start swinging it around. Oh, I ‘m sure he would never really intend to hurt anyone with that thing for a simple hamburger right? All in good fun, as they say. Right? Right?

The sounds of were great too, very realistic from the sizzling meat on the grill to the slurping sounds of the soda machine.

Burger Rush added some cute little extra dashes in order to make it even more unique such as "Burger Facts" that pop up between levels with interesting tidbits about the history of the hamburger.

For example, did you know that the hamburger bun was invented in 1916 by a fellow named Walter Anderson, and that prior to that people used to put their meat between two slices of regular bread? Thanks Mr. Anderson.

The only problem I had with Burger Rush was that it was kinda easy. In other words contrary to the title, there never was a feeling of rush. The amount of customers never really got overwhelming even in the later levels where you would normally expect the gameplay to become quite hectic. And even if I took awhile to complete a particularly large order for instance customers remained relatively patient (except for the nerd that is, ready to zap me with his light saber!)
Games of this sort usually throw in a hectic heart pounding final challenge.
Complete with a constant barrage of hungry customers coming in barking orders at you, causing you to mess up on orders but ultimately in the end with you winding up becoming a huge success. If you’ve ever played service type games like this you know what I am talking about.

I won’t give away the ending or anything but I will say it felt kinda rushedunder-cooked.

Still it was fast food fun with all the toppings!

Tips & Tricks for Burger Rush:

- In the early levels, treats aren’t as important because the customers are nice and sweet. You're better off buying new burger recipes since they bring in higher profit per order.

-Never underestimate the value of soda and fries! The best part about them is that unlike burgers, their prices never decrease, no matter how long the customers been waiting.

-Remember that the angrier the customer gets, the less they'll pay for their burger. You'll increase the value of each burger by giving a treat to the customer before delivering the order. A little bribery never hurt anybody.

- If a customer is still happy enough and his/her burger is ready, don't send the burger yet. Make more matches so that you'll get the drinks and fries bonus also.

-Also don't be in a hurry to send the order to your last customer, if you still have some treats left. Keep feeding the customer with whatever treats that you have left and keep making matches for extra tokens.

- Different treats are more useful for different circumstances. The candies are great to stop angry customers from leaving, while the others are better for maximizing the burger's value.

-And finally when the going gets tough, you can always limit the amount of customers by not rushing to pick up the money left on the counter.

Get Burger Rush Here

Graphics A
Sound A
Pickup & Play B
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Mar 26, 2007


4 Comment(s):

On March 29, 2007, stacey said:
I'm so addicted to this game..!! Yummy burgers!

On April 11, 2007, said:

On January 31, 2008, said:
i want to play burger rush

On January 20, 2009, said:
loved it soo much


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