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 Carrie The Caregiver
Look what the stork brought!

“” and “Article 19” are proud to announce the arrival of their new addition to the RTS family of games, “Carrie the Caregiver”.

This bundle of joy is based on Carrie, a sweet-faced recent graduate fresh out of nursing school. Carrie decides to join “Caregivers International”, a charitable non-profit organization which gives her an opportunity to help those less fortunate as well as sharpening her new skills by caring for the poor, under privileged newborns within their overcrowded maternity wards. In other words, she wasn’t able to snag that position in the private hospital she applied for, due to her lack of experience. You know that ol’ catch 22!

The gameplay involves you taking on the role as Carrie, who must take care of cranky, impatient, hungry and often stinky babies! This is very similar to games like “Diner Dash” and “CakeMania”, where you are waiting on cranky, impatient, hungry and often stinky adults!
A typical day in the maternity ward will have Carrie assigning babies to their proper gender specific colored bassinets, warming up bottles, feeding the babies, burping them and changing their soiled diapers (diapers will turn yellow!) , all in that order. The babies arrive with little hearts underneath them representing their happiness and good health. If Carrie takes too long attending to the needs of these little runts, I mean little babies they will lose hearts and be rushed off to intensive care! Oh no, the health and well being of these tiny defenseless creatures is all riding on you!

Carrie must juggle all of her daily responsibilities and still maintain her own (sanity) energy and hygiene levels, indicated by 2 bars at the bottom of the screen labeled as “energy” and “sanitation”. Energy levels are filled by accepting food from a mysterious hand that will suddenly appear from the left hand side of the screen. Sanitation levels are filled by washing her hands at the sink which is right above the diaper disposal oddly enough. Eww!
As she progresses through her new career, her bosses give her more challenges, such as adding more bassinets to juggle, extra bottle warmers, as well as some “special needs babies”, sigh, sad but true. Some babies arrive extra hungry and will require 2 feedings and I think we all know what that means, double food, in the end (excuse the pun) = double diaper duty.

Tips & Tricks Of The Trade

- Warm up bottles in advance.
- Chaining is critical in achieving a higher score.
- Keep an eye on your sanitation meter, dirty hands will cause babies to need medicine. An extra task that frankly you just can’t tackle right now!
- Don’t forget to eat! Carrie slows down when she is hungry, eating/ drinking gives her boost!
- Place the noisiest, fussiest babies away from the others. If they disturb the happy ones you will quickly have a nursery full of screaming babies. Calgon Take Me Away!!
- Use the mobile and bedtime storybook to keep the babies content and lull them to sleep.

“Carrie the Caregiver” is a beautifully hand drawn game. The babies are realistic looking and seeing their little faces change from angelically happy to sad pouts really tugs at your heart strings. They all sound very realistic, a little too realistic at times if you ask me!

This is available to download only through "", however you are able to play the first 10 levels free online, then a free 60 minute trial is available. A nice little added bonus was given called “Carries Tunes”, this is a sweet collection of 5 MP3 songs/lullabies that can be downloaded through "" free of charge in addition to the game. That being said, while this game doesn’t break any new ground in terms of RTS gaming, it is a fun way to pass some idle time. Also I must add that it was definitely targeted to the females (girlie gamers rejoice!)
Oh, stop pouting guys, and go play your “Gears Of War”!

Sniff, Sniff, gotta go! that baby on the far left is starting to stink!

Get Carrie the Caregiver Here

Graphics A
Sound A
Pickup & Play A
Overall Fun B

Posted by oxyjen on Dec 4, 2006


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ı want it


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