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“Fizzball” is a fresh new effervescent take on 2 game classics, (and I am in real danger of showing my age here!) “Breakout” and “Katamari”. C’mon, admit it you still remember these oldies. In this game, the ol’ brick- breaking concept mixes with a lil’ roll of a sticky ball. In “Breakout” you had to keep a bouncing ball from hitting the ground by catching it with your paddle. The ball then traveled back up towards the colored bricks, which would then explode. The ultimate goal was to remove all the bricks. In “Katamari” you had to roll a magical sticky ball called a katamari around, collecting larger objects, from thumbtacks to mountains, until the ball had grown big enough to complete the mission .

In “Fizzball” you are playing as the cute Mr. Magoo-looking-safari hat wearing-absent minded Prof. Fizzwizzle. The Prof. has invented a bubble thing-a-ma-jig used to rescue hungry animals and ultimately bring them to a safe animal sanctuary. The bubble starts off small, it will only be able to pick up something as small as a butterfly but as the bubble absorbs several more tiny objects it grows and grows and can then take on bigger critters , which include birds, cows, turtles etc. But, be careful the bubble must be kept floating at all times and never, ever be dropped or it will pop!

There are 2 modes to choose from in this game, regular mode and kids mode (the developers “Alawar Games” have been known to do this within all of their games). This game is rated E for Everyone anyway, the kids mode is just a tamed down, easier version of the regular mode and it gives the kiddies fun animal trivia in between levels. In the regular mode, for us older kiddies at heart, there are 40 bonus levels or mini-games, such as seeing how many stampeding monkeys you can catch! Power-ups can be earned and will descend from the sky within hot air balloons periodically. They serve to give you temporary level beating abilities. Obstacles that need to be avoided are thrown in, for example, barrels of toxic chemical waste that if hit with the bubble will pollute the environment! Don’t worry this is about as far as “Fizzball” goes in terms of negative gameplay in any way.
Speaking of the gameplay, I found that even though it does tend to stick to 1 basic goal pretty much – break as much stuff as you can, it never gets monotonous.
The cartoon like graphics fit the game perfectly from its colorful, detailed landscapes to the sweet looking farm animals, it all just sparkles.
The animal sounds are realistic and entertaining, enough to make my dog look around, cock his head to 1 side and bark along with the doggie on the farm. Hey, you can’t get a better testimonial than that folks!
Help Prof. Fizzwizzle save the animals, and have a bubbly blast doing it!

Get Fizzball Here

Graphics A
Sound A
Pickup & Play A
Overall Fun A

Posted by oxyjen on Dec 2, 2006


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